Atlantic Hurricanes

By Kate Shannon

Hurricanes Developing in the Atlantic

Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean by using the warm and moist air. The warm air over the ocean moves up from the surface. When that air rises up, it causes an area of low pressure below. It keeps using the air around it, making more air warm and moist too. Then, when the warm air in the Atlantic Ocean it begins the swirl. Also, the warm, moist air forms clouds when it cools off. The clouds grow and so does the wind speed, forming a hurricane.

The Bermuda High

The Bermuda High is a subtropical area that is high pressured.The Bermuda High is located near Bermuda and it forms over the Atlantic Ocean during the summer. The Bermuda High steers hurricanes across the Atlantic Ocean. Oceans that are cooler than the land forms the Bermuda High.

El Nino

El Nino is a complex series of climatic changes that occur in the Pacific Ocean. El Nino has powerful winds that blow east towards the Atlantic Ocean. The wind causes the hurricanes in the Atlantic to die off.