To boldly go where 3rd graders haven't gone before...

What is the STAAR?

The STAAR tests the core subject areas in grades 3-12. It has more questions than the TAKS test and is more rigorous. Another feature of the STAAR test is the 4 hour time limit for each test.

Third graders take the STAAR Reading and STAAR Math tests.

When is the STAAR?

The 3rd grade STAAR Math test is April 22, 2014 and the 3rd grade STAAR Reading test is April 23, 2014.

What can I do to help my student prepare?


Your student needs to be reading:
  • Narrative non-fiction
  • Informational non-fiction
  • Pay attention to the text features in non-fiction books like captions, tables & graphs, charts and timelines.
  • Poetry
  • Myths, fables, folk & fairy tales, legends & tall tales
  • Biographies
  • And most importantly, whatever he or she ENJOYS reading

See your student's teacher and librarian for more help.


For the math portion, students should be able to:
  • Complete basic mathematical operations (+, -, x, ÷)
  • Tell time, know time phrases (quarter till, half past. etc.)
  • Recognize fractions, know fraction phrases (denominator, numerator, parts to whole)
  • Add & subtract simple fractions
  • Make measurements and solve problems using measurements
  • Use fraction names and symbols to describe fractional parts of whole objects or sets of objects
  • Solve application problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication of whole numbers and use models to solve division problems
  • Identify and extend patterns including related number pairs
  • Classify and describe attributes of two- and three-dimensional geometric figures
  • Locate and name points on a number line using whole numbers and fractions
  • Solve application problems involving length and perimeter and determine time, temperature, and area using pictorial models
  • Solve application problems using data in pictographs and bar graphs
  • Evaluate the reasonableness of solutions to application problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers
  • Describe the relationship between related number pairs
  • Evaluate the reasonableness of solutions to application problems involving linear measurement

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So I can...

  • help your student with homework
  • talk to your student's teacher to see what extra resources and activities are available to your students
  • speak with the school librarian about what Internet resources are available to your student
  • practice, practice, practice with your student.

What does the STAAR look like?

Below are STAAR-like questions.


After reading the passage, what can you conclude about desert animals?

a) Desert animals have thick skin to retain moisture.

b) Desert animals hunt during the afternoon.

c) Desert animals are all reptiles.

d) There are few desert animals in existence today.


Based in the image you see, which sentence best describes the time?

a) It’s half past eight.

b) It’s a quarter till nine.

c) It’s a quarter till six.

d) It’s half past six.