My five-hundred word sentence...enjoy:

With a social media bio saying, “today is the perfect day to be happy. be vulnerable. spark a light in every soul. open her heart to carpe diem. and expose her thoughts with a smile.” or nearly two-hundred photographs of pseudo-utopian portraits, photogenic focus shots, glamourous architectural angles, and Food Network worthy foodie spots...with words of wisdom and soul-healing advice captioned with the help of literary authors and metaphysical philosophers...with bookcases and boxes, magazines and newspaper clippings, subscriptions to wellness blogs and followings of “the greats”...with an addiction to the outdoors: camping in subzeros, mountain climbing in record highs, skiing in Rocky Mountain blizzards, or simply napping in her backyard wishing there was a cologne on the market that glorified grass…with a soulful passion for the experience of cultural eclecticity through teas (and occasionally, cuisines)...with an interest in the perfection of her half moon pose and downward facing dog pose...with a mother once having to tell her she was grounded from playing the piano for a week (in part because she had “forgotten” to do her homework until eleven o’clock at night and something upset her mom about the fact that she was practicing such a bad habit at seven years old) and thus, taught her how to vacuum, wash laundry, fold linens, and properly dust the banister (all culminating in the child’s eventual trademark: the pursuit of cleanliness)...with a father who always brings back tiny trinkets such as silver spoons or porcelain bells whenever the occasional “Continuing Medical Education” physician trip interferes with their evening rituals of pendulum hugs and relational circadian rhythm of cathartic conversations...with a fourteen year old sister whose musical voice is as mellifluous as the Greek goddess Euterpe, yet her fear of exposure prevents her from enchanting humanity...whose mind is as creative and colorful as the Amazon rainforest is an immense ecosystem providing for creatures as weird and wonderful as the jaguar, poison dart frog, and Jesus lizard...with a nine year old sister who swims as if the friction of water molecules is simply an afterthought and hardly even present...who so inconceivably empathizes with the smallest and simplest of people and things that if the feelings of her heart could be tangibly measured, we might not even have a properly coined sequence of literary symbols to encapsulate its enormous size...with seventeen years of memories flowing through her veins and stores of abilities utilizing her six pack hippocampus, this young woman is practically the poster child for the astrological zodiac sign Virgo…and yet, somewhere beneath her bandages of collateral damage prevention and slathered spirit-healing lotion, past her profession of vulnerability and allowing someone in beyond skin deep, her belief that human connection is our greatest prescription, her acknowledgement that a life free of risks is a life as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy...is a girl who daily struggles not to embrace what she finds shameful about herself, but expose.