Pioneer Registration

August 15 & August 16 2023 - Makeup Date - August 22, 2023

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All students must report to Pioneer High School to register for the 2023/2024 school year. Students will register according to the registration schedule below this message. Students must be present for your registration at the time and on the date indicated. Athletics practices or other school activities do not have priority over registration times and dates. Please pay close attention to the registration schedule in this booklet. You cannot start early or enter the registration line after your scheduled time as this causes delays. Please honor the schedule.

Registration Schedule

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Station 1A - Welcome/Check-In


Students will be welcomed at check in and get their checklist forms for each station.

Station 1B - InfoSnap and New Enrollments


Every student should have received a registration email from AAPS. This station will allow you to complete the registration. If you have already completed the online registration you do not need to go to station 1B.

*New enrollments will be escorted by a student volunteer to the counseling center to create a schedule with their assigned counselor. Students missing more than half of their schedule will be escorted to counseling to meet with their assigned counselor.

Station 1C - Obligations


Obligations for books and other items from last year or previous years must be resolved. Notices containing our best information about your obligations have been emailed to you and your student or are available online via Destiny. Lost books and other unresolved obligations cost PHS thousands of dollars each year, and we try to collect as many of these missing items as we can. All obligations should be cleared before Friday, August 11, 2023. Uncleared obligations may extend the time it takes you to register. If you have any questions, please email Mr. Vazquez at

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Station 2 - Clubs/Organizations


Registration is an opportunity for students to learn about and/or join a club or organizations. Numerous Pioneer Student clubs will be available for students to learn about.

Station 3 - PTSO

LOCATION - In front of Book Depository

PTSO will be available to sell spirit wear and share opportunities for the Pioneer Community to sign up for service opportunities.

Station 4 - School Nurse - RAHS

LOCATION - In front of Nurses Clinic

Students that need to submit medications to be taken at school or update health needs will work with the school nurse at station 4.

The RAHS clinic will be available at this station to review resources and what RAHS has to offer for student populations.

Station 5 - Bus Passes/Parking Passes/Student Photo ID


All students must come prepared to have their picture taken for student ID purposes. Students should wear clothing befitting the respectful setting of our school. Please do not wear hats, sunglasses or clothing that blocks the y. These pictures will be used for school ID purposes. A formal school picture day will be September 13, 2023. Retakes will October 25, 2023.

Station 6 - Schedule Pick-Up


Students will have the opportunity to receive a paper copy of their class schedules at this station. *Schedules may be adjusted prior to the start of the school year. Schedules will be updated on PowerSchool.

Station 7 - Book Pick Up


Students will pick up textbooks/novels needed for classes at this station.


Make-up Registration occurs on Tuesday, August 22nd from 5:00pm - 8:00pm Please make every effort to attend your regularly scheduled registration time. On the first day of school, unregistered students must report to their respective class offices to complete the registration process. Not registering on time can be disruptive and might lead to lost classroom instructional time.

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