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Comm 210


- Chase Whittet, I was the secretary of the group, Communications, Granbury Texas, I am in Pi Kappa Phi, I love hanging out with friends and sleeping.

- Kelly King, I was devils advocate, Communications, Richmond Texas, I am a Kapa Gamma, I love spending time with friends and napping.

- Adam Solis, I was the devils advocate, Communications, Mission Viejo CA, I play volleyball, baseball, and swim

- Fallon Lilly, Communications, Katy TX, I love working out, hanging out with my friends and friends, & traveling

- Alee Travis, University Studies Business, Granbury TX, I’m in Aggie Royals, I enjoy Running & Eating

Group Charter

I. Team Mission and Statement Goals

To build and communicate effectively amongst each other. To efficiently work together as a team. Our goals for the semester include:

To spend time with the group to learn each others strengths and weaknesses

Use the best strategy decided by the group to be successful

To impact one another and citizens we meet throughout the semester

II. Group Operating Procedures

• Meetings

Meetings will be held at Adam’s house. Meetings will last about two hours. The group agenda will collectively be made as a group. Chase will record the meeting notes. Chase will distribute the notes from the previous meeting the following class. If a member cannot attend a meeting, they should contact all group members that they won’t be able to attend. He or she should message or call Chase to get the notes from the meeting. They should do it with in a 24 hour period. He or she should complete their task they are given from if something is assigned.


The timeline for our group project will go throughout the semester. We will be visiting the senior citizens at Waterford in College Station. We plan to visit and celebrate each holiday with the residents, i.e. (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter) Our goal in doing this is to visit and make the senior citizens day joyful. Senior citizens have built the society we have now and we need to respect them for establishing everything we have.

- Technology

The technologies we plan to use for as means of communication for our group project will be a laptop for the use of the Internet/email and a cell phone for phone calls/texting. If technology problems arise we will all know when the next meetings are scheduled and we can always communicate once we get to class.

- Problems and Escalation Path

If problems arise with group members, we will address it at the beginning with that certain member. However, if the problem continues, we will divide the work amongst the group members that are contributing to the project. Finally, we will grade each member appropriately based on their group effort.

List of internal group procedures for managing problems

1.Collectively assess the problem at hand

2.Brain storm all options that can solve the problem

3.Choose the best strategy

4.Implement that strategy as a group

5.Analyze the strategy to see if it was successful

III. Charter Signatures

I agree to the goals and ground rules established in this team charter and commit to following them during the semester.

The Proposal

I. Define the problem

Senior citizens are often times forgotten and not properly taken care of. Due to this the highest number of suicide rates are among senior citizens. We want to spend time with senior citizens and lift their spirits to show them that people really do still care.

The organization we are working with is the Waterford at College Station.

We became interested in this organization because the majority of our group has a passion and love in their hearts for the elderly.

This is a problem today because senior citizens feel like younger generations as well as their family members have forgotten about them and cast them aside. Senior citizens have established the world we live in today as well as benefited society as a whole in many different ways. We would not have any of the things that society has today without their contributions. Our group believes that senior citizens deserve to spend the rest of their days in a loving, respectful, happy environment. We plan to achieve this goal through this project.

II. Describe the organization

The Waterford at College Station is owned by Capital Senior Living Corporation which is one of the largest senior living providers in the United States. They were established in 1990.

Our group’s main goal in this project is to make the senior citizens feel like they are still respected, loved, and appreciated. We will accomplish this by spending time with them through holidays and events at their establishment such as bingo night, wheel of fortune, etc. Through these events, we will be able to engage in conversation with one another while having an enjoyable time.

Laura, Activities Director for the Waterford, will be assisting us throughout this project.

III. Who is your main contact?

Laura is our main contact. She is the Activities Director for the Waterford at College Station. Her role is to plan activities for the residents who live there and to seek out community events.

Laura has agreed to let us do this project at the Waterford. We will be contacting Laura every time we plan to visit the Waterford through email and phone call so it does not conflict with their schedule if they have something planned already.

Her expectations are that our group will show up and respect the rules of the facility as well as the employees and residents there.

IV. Solving the problem

We believe that this problem can be solved in a semester’s time at this location, however more time could be dedicated to other senior citizen homes in the community. This would allow the youth to get more involved with the elderly.

Funds are really not needed to complete this project.

We will devote five hours a week to this project. Our group’s main goal is the satisfaction and smiles we bring to all the residents there.

Executive Summary- The Big Picture

The organization we worked with was The Waterford at College Station. We see the problem Senior citizens have been slowly pushed to the side in today’s modern day society. Our generation today is not giving enough attention to senior citizens therefore; this has led to a high number of suicide rates for senior citizens. Our group proposed a solution to go and find a home for senior residents and show them that we still have a love for them. In doing this, we scheduled visits with the event coordinator to come and visit with the residents during their scheduled activities or on holidays.

-Our goal at the beginning when we wrote our charter was to spend time with the group to learn each others strengths and weaknesses. Use the best strategy decided by the group to be successful. To impact one another and citizens we meet throughout the semester. We felt we met our initial goal. Not only did we grow as a group, we established solid friendships. This led us to telling funny stories about each other while working on our project. We also got know they senior citizens on a personal level when we went on our visits. This is made the experience more memorable. This project enhances the organization because it allows the residents to have people visit with that they usually would not get the opportunity to do. The community of College Station enhances from this project in a moral standpoint because it brings the community together. Our goal for the future, which will benefit both Waterford and our group is to continue to spread the word about the need for volunteers at Waterford. Our group will continue to visit around holidays and decorate to continue boosting morale within the Organization and the community as a whole. We will make flyers to promote the organization and distribute them on central campus as a way to advertise and attract volunteers.

Behind the Scenes & on the Scenes

Initially our group set up a meeting in order to evaluate our goal as a group and what we each could individually bring to the project. Once we evaluated what our jobs would be, we decided on when we would meet every week to discuss the project and make sure we were up to date on what needed to be accomplished. At each meeting we decided what we would do next at The Waterford and the steps needed to accomplish them. We set up a group message and would talk every week through it, so we could stay up to date and remind each other of upcoming meetings and discuss things about the project. We also would email back and forth to each other when it was around test time, to share the completed study guide in order to all be prepared for each test. Our communication through the whole process was really smooth and strategically mapped out so we never had any issues come up.