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HE was born on september 9, 1966 in new york city adam sandler was always the class clown but he dident consider becoming a comedian until his brother encouraged him to perform at boston comedy club . he was a regular on MTVs remote controll and on nbc saterday night live he was also raised in manchester he had six other siblings too he went to new york university he had a movie come out in 1995 called billy madison he mad a different movie billy madison he married a woman named jackie titone june 2003 they had too daughters his daughters names are sunny and sadie he has a nick name too its, sandman his highth is 5"9 1/2 he has allen covert johnathen loughrann and forner he usually had females with the begining letter (v) his brother is an attorney is dad is a electriction one of his sisters is a dentist the other is a waitress. adam also ranked #24 on premieres . The first movie he had made in 2010 was the second highest grossing film of his career . A highly profitable movie GROWN UP`S 2 HASENT made the forbes cslculus because their year covered only the july 2012 june 2013 period the two live action movies he did in that year thats my boy and jack and jill he rarley starred in denzel washington and sandra bullock he had his voice tranzlated in the film hotel transylvania he has made many comedy movies he has continued in to vary his work from broad television another good movie is called the longest yard in 2005 and im hoping he makes more movies, the end.