Sleep Disorders

Nightmeres, Sleep Apnea, and Jet Lag, Oh My!


Sleep Apnea: A sleep disorder that causes a person to have paused or shallow breathing during sleep. Common symptoms include loud snoring and daytime sleepiness.

Narcolepsy: A sleep disorder that causes sudden bouts of sleep that can last up to several minutes. Common symptoms are cataplexy (a sudden loss of control over leg muscles) and extreme daytime sleepiness.

Nightmares: Dreams that are scary and disturbing in nature. They occur during REM sleep, and are most common in children. The person often remembers the nightmare very well.

Night Terror: An event when a person, often a child, partially arouses from sleep in a state of panic, sometimes kicking or screaming. Unlike nightmares, night terrors take place before REM sleep and the person may only vaguely remember the incident if they remember at all.

Other Common Sleep Disorders

Jet Lag: sleep disorder caused by quickly traveling across multiple time zones.

Sleepwalking: The act of walking around during sleep.
What Are Sleep Disorders? | Child Psychology
When I was on a Girl Scout Trip, on of the girls mentioned that in the middle of the night, I walked in and out of the room I was sleeping in several times. She also mentioned that my eyes were glazed over and I mumbled incoherent phrases. I have no memory of the incident.
17-Year-Old Sleeps for a Week at a Time | Nightline | ABC News
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