Campfire Chronicle

Exciting News!

Last Week....

Students have been scheduling their day and are really getting the hang of it. I can't wait until student led conferences so they can share the decisions they have been making about their learning.

Genius hour is off to a great start! Ideas and planning are under way. We are using our planners for setting goals and recording the process, as well as blogging. Please sign their planners on Friday.

Math was a blast this week as we created multiplication board games and played them on Friday. Homework this week is Figure Me Out in Numbers and an online video assignment.

You MUST check out this Google Slide Presentation that was created by one of my students on her own accord.

Student Created Multiplication Board Games

This Week ....

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Baumann and I will be team teaching your child’s class beginning on October 13, 2015. In striving to personalize and individualize each student’s instruction, and to allow for maximum student choice, together we believe that this opportunity allows us to better meet the individual needs of all our students.

Mrs. Baumann will teach reading and Mrs. Baxter will teach math. Students will travel to Mrs. Baumann’s room for reading mini-lessons and to Mrs. Baxter’s room for math mini-lessons at a time of their choosing. Students will have choice in scheduling their reading and math activities each day. All other content will be taught within the student’s homeroom.

We will be using Class Dojo for behavior management and invite you to join the class via email. Look for this paper in your students backpack Tuesday.

Fall Festival and the Pumpkin Contest

Don't forget, Fall Festival is next Friday! You must purchase an arm band to get in. I hope to see you all there!

The Pumpkin Contest is back. Bring your pumpkin by Wednesday. We will vote on Thursday!