CTY NYC Parent Newsletter

Summer 2014 Session 1 - Week 2

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Dear CTY Families,

On Wednesday of this week, students completed mid-session evaluations to inform the staff of their experience at CTY thus far. Reading what each student had to say was a highlight of my week. It was truly heartening to read that an overwhelming majority of our students are thrilled by their experiences, calling their classes engaging and captivating while commenting on the kind and caring nature of all staff.

The students also offered some thoughtful ideas about how we can improve our overall program, which we shared at a Town Hall meeting with the staff on Friday morning. This valuable exercise of reflection, feedback and revision is instrumental in fostering a community of life long learners, and it is something students should experience from an early age. I believe this aspect of CTY also empowers students by showing them that their opinions matter. We are giving careful thought to how their feedback can inform ways in which we structure our final week of the session.

At our Open House next Friday, students will have a chance to showcase what they have learned. We hope you will be able to join us in applauding our community’s perseverance and growth over these three intensive and very educational weeks.


Shawn Chisty, Site Director

What a character!

From the Academic Dean

Our second week of classes is now complete and students continue to participate in engaging and fascinating activities. Students have built and tested the structural integrity of balsa wood bridges; analyzed multiple crime scenes; extracted DNA from strawberries; gave speeches as in an Ancient Roman Dinner Party; replaced clichéd language using a "Cliché Destroyer”; and pondered the mathematical puzzle of "the ant on a rubber rope." A variety of our academic activities are highlighted in pictures kindly provided by our instructors and staff.

Students will be showing off their wonderful work next Friday during our site Open House Day, which will give you the opportunity to visit classrooms, meet with instructors, and see all of the wonderful work the students have produced. Our instructors and staff hope to see all of you there!


Walker, Academic Dean

From the Health Office

Hello parents! Two tips to make sure your child stays as healthy as possible while at CTY:

-Please continue to pack plenty of water and snacks for your child!

-If your child has allergies, please remind your child not to trade food with other children and not to eat anything with unknown ingredients.

Week 2 Class Highlights

Week 2 Highlights: Superhero Day!

Looking Ahead: Spirit Week and Open House Day

Week 3 is CTY Spirit Week!

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Silly Socks Day

Wednesday: Worldly Wednesday - wear a shirt representing your country of origin or nationality

Thursday: Dress for your Dream Job Day

Friday: CTY Shirt Day

Open House Day will take place on Friday, July 18th. This is the closing day of our session and a chance for families to visit classrooms and see the culmination of students’ work.

Classroom visits are timed according to your student’s subject area. Once a class has presented for family members, students are free to participate in the rest of the Open House with their families, or they may depart. There will be no formal dismissal period during the Open House. The full schedule is available in your Family Handbook. We hope to see you there!

Contact Us!

You can always reach the CTY NYC Main Office by phone or email. Please continue to notify us of any anticipated changes in your child's attendance.