When A Family Member Is Ill

Why I Think Is Important To Teens

I think this is important to teens because a lot of people are in the hospital now days and most of them are parents or grandparents. The first thing that teens or other family members think is i can't believe this why is thins happening and then its really hard to focus trust me I know.
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How this Can Affect A Teens Life

This can affect them by distracting them in school like thinking are they going to be OK? It also puts a lot of pressure if the person has kids and that could scare their kids a lot. Most of the time people are scared and think of the worst and think they could die.
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Important Facts Teens Should Know About This Issue

You may act as if there is nothing to worry about, hoping the trouble will go away or that it never existed in the first place. When you cannot admit a problem, it is easier to pretend the problem does not exist but that sometimes doesn't work and its hard to take it in.
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What Are Some Good Choices teens Can Make In Their Live Related To This Issue

You need to think that he/she is going to make it and do not think of the worst thing that could happen to them because if you do that it would make situation a lot worse. If its one of your family members that's in the hospital and has kids you should tell them everything is going to be OK and take them to do something fun and you would make their day a lot better.


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