Stem Cells: The Cure to Melanoma?

by Renzo Tallo and Gerard Brown

What are stem cells?

Stem cells, just what exactly are they? To begin, stem cells are essentially unspecialized cells that have the potential to perform specific functions in the body. They are mostly found in multicellular organisms. In the mature human body, these cells are found in bone marrow, and in different parts of the body such tissue and fat. Stem cells can also be found in a developing embryo of a human. However, adult stem cells when compared to embryonic stem cells have a much lesser possibility of becoming any cell variant. With the ability to change into any cell variant, stem cells have the potential to cure many diseases. One example includes a paraplegic. The unresponding body part can be able to move again when stem cells turn into nerve cells responsible for the function and movement of that particular body part. Stem cells have endless potential and there could be an innumerable amount of advancements made utilizing stem cells.

Looking for Melanoma patients!

We are looking for Melanoma patients who want their suffering to be stopped. We here at R & G to replace the cells that are cancerous and harmful to your body with stem cells. Stem cells can replace any cell and can be taken from embryos that would other wise be thrown out. Surgeons can remove the melanoma ridden area then replace it with healthy stem cells. Some may say they are unethical, but here at R & G, we believe that stem cells are the key to great advancements in medicine.

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