K-C Weekly News

January 15, 2016

What you really need to know

There is no morning kindergarten in session on Tuesday, 1/19. There will be a delayed start for all other students.

Please send hats and gloves/mittens to school every day! When snow is on the ground, please also send snow pants and boots.

Mark your calendar.

1/18 - January Book Orders Due/MLK Day

1/19 - Delayed opening - NO AM KINDERGARTEN, PM KASE in session

1/22 - Sight word homework due

2/9 - The 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL (if no snow days)

2/10 - Early Release at 12:15

2/15-19 School closed for February Break.

What we've been up to.

  • You should have received Chapter 2 math pages in your child's folder. Pages that appeared to be blank were used at school to help with building, counting and comparing arrangements of pattern blocks. This week we introduced the concept of 3 dimensional shapes and have been keeping track of the temperature outside. Our recorded low for the week was 14 degrees!
  • We went upstairs to third grade to read with our buddies.
  • Our question of the day this week focused on reading CVC words and transcribing them using lower case letters only!
  • We made our own class book based on the story The Mitten.
  • We learned about Dr. King and celebrated his message with a poem called "Let it Ring". We also learned to recognize the ING chunk at the end of words and made a long list of ING words. We enjoyed the books Here are My Hands and We Are All Alike, We Are All Different.
  • We made awesome snowmen to decorate our hallway.

Links of the week.

Read Here are My Hands and listen for all of the ING words. Challenge: write a list of ING words from he story ( You can see them on the pages if you look carefully!)


Practice place value bowling. Challenge: Keep playing to try to get to 40.


Practice spelling CVC words.


The things kids say. For real.

Preparing for recess is a complicated business:

Mrs. Cohen: If you have snow pants, wear them outside. There's snow on the playground.

Student 1: What if I don't have snow pants?

Mrs. Cohen: Then just play on the hardtop.

Student 1: But what pants should I wear?

Mrs. Cohen: The pants you have on right now.

Student 1: Then why did you say to wear snow pants?