The Bully

by Paul Langan

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Darrell and his mother move to California from Philadelphia because his mom needs a job .when the get there he sees his uncle Jason and cousins Nate and Travis.Darrell starts getting is settled in . His mom asks him to go to the market,when he meets a bully named Tyray.

Darrell starts a new school, Bluford High .Darrell starts to be bullied by Tyray and Rodney .He doesn't tell anyone that he is getting bullied.He starts paying Tyray 10 dollars every Friday before school .He goes to his english teacher for advice and he gives Darrell a book then He joins the wrestling team to build him inside an out .In the lunch room Darrell finally stand up for him self.

Character Anlysis

At the beginning of the story , its like Darrell is invisible not a lot of people know or even pays attention to him, weak,short,doesn't have a lot of self confidence, he's sad,and mad.But then he starts to get bullied by Tyray , he joins the wrestling team and, he's English teacher gives him a book Hatchet.After all that he has more confidence, he's stronger ,and happy.A lot more people would recognize the name.he has good friends now


Paul Langan

Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia 1972.He lived in Philadelphia when he was young then he moved to New Jersey.He was a salesperson before an author. His stories reflect personal experiences .He got a masters degree in education and is currently married with kids.
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Book Camparison

The Hunger Games is like The Bully because there is a lot of conflict , big conflicts. At the beginning they are both scared and don't know what to do.As their stories unfold they became stronger more confident but lost.At the end they come out on top.
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The Hunger Games Audiobook Chapter 2

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