Martin Luther King, Jr.

By: Jesse, Carlee, and Adela

Early Life

  • he was a good speaker
  • Martin was smart too!
  • 15 when finished high school in 1944
  • he won a big speech contest
  • Martin went to morehouse college in Atlanta,GA

Life's Work

  • in 1948 Martin became a minister
  • He worked hard to change segregation laws
  • He gave speeches and led marches
  • He told people not to fight

Later Years

  • Martin some times went to jail
  • In 1963 he gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech
  • In 1964 he won the Nobel Peace Prize

Important Information & Fun Facts

  • In 1964 the civil rights Act became law
  • People of color had equal rights
  • Martin was killed in 1968
  • Martin Luther King Jr. day each January


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