Rolled Film Camera

Invented by George Eastman

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What did George Eastman do?

George Eastman invented and patented the first rolled film camera in 1884. He later founded the Kodak Company in 1892. He came up with the idea to make film right when the camera business was getting wild and there was heavy competition. Eastman wanted to create an affordable way to take and transport pictures. He then came up with the idea of a rolled film camera.

Why is the rolled film camera important?

The rolled film camera was very important to the development of the digital camera. The rolled film camera led to the development of the digital ca,era because of its help in making pictures easier to take. In 1888, when the camera was invented, it made the lives of photographers much easier to transport and develop.

George Eastman also created a company called Eastman Kodak Company, this company created and sold rolled film and rolled film cameras for inexpensive prices. The Kodak company is still working to sell and create better film and cameras today.


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