Secondary school Teacher

Abbey Reinhart


Imagine going into a new school on your first day knowing absolutely no one. Walking into your first class and watching all of the students who have gone to school together for their whole lives eyes follow you around the room as you struggle to find an empty seat. There is one other person in the room that is a stranger just like you, though, your teacher.

Every teacher has to meet new students each year. They have to help guide you through your year in highschool. Each year they have to meet new students and see new faces, so they can relate to you. They will give you advice and mentor you whenever you need help. They also will teach you skills that you will need for the rest of your life. From personal questions to compound sentences, they have to be able to help with whatever is thrown your way.

Requirements and schooling needed

To be a secondary teacher you will need a bachelors degree and training or experience. Also, many schools want to see a teacher education program. You will need a license in the state to teach.

To be a teacher you will need a 4 year degree and student teaching/interning.

Advantages to have when looking for a job

Some schools look for teachers that majored or minored in the subject they want to teach. Also, it helps if you were a student teacher and have job experience.

Responsibility and personality

Teachers must provide new, interesting, and relevant information to their students on a daily basis. They must constantly learn and adapt to their surroundings to best suit their students. They also must be able to help students through daily and out-of-school problems and concerns. They must work to build strong relationships. Secondary school teachers must also work to keep grades up to date and communicate with parents and students regularly.

A teacher usually a quick thinker, a good listener, is adaptive, is sensible, is nice but firm, is likable, and a hard worker

Pay range

$35,000-$84,000. The median is usually $54,000.