It's All Happening!

Ms. Dale's 2nd grade Classroom Update November 2015

Business Day was Amazing!

Words in this flyer would not be enough to describe our wonderful Second grade Business Day! Thank you for allowing your students to use their own ideas, create something, or bring in something. There were a lot of very popular businesses in this room. If we were making real money, we'd have quite the profit! The students want to continue to utilize the play money in some way. We are having some discussions on what we could do with the money in our room. I will let you know if we come up with a plan!!

It's Party Time!

It's Party Time

The students reached their goal of getting 75 marbles in the jar. They receive marbles for exceptional work and/or behavior(going above and beyond my high expectations), compliments from other adults, and behavior during drills (fire, tornado etc.). They voted and they chose a PJ day. The students may wear their pajamas to school on Friday, Nov. 13th. They may also bring slippers to wear in the classroom and one stuffed animal. Students need to wear regular shoes to school and jackets. We WILL NOT take class time to change into or out of clothes/pjs. We will go outside for recess. This is voluntary. We will be super comfy this Friday!

Our work

During Reader's Workshop we are studying the genre of non-fiction. Ask your student to tell you about or point out a text feature. We will be sticking with the non-fiction genre for a while. In Writer's Workshop, we will begin our "how- to" pieces. The students generated a few topics that they can do on their own. Tomorrow, we will be choosing topics and by Friday, we will begin to create our supply lists. We will also start to sketch out the first few steps.

In Social Studies, we are looking at the 3 branches of government and the Constitution. The students showed a great interest in England and why they have a Queen. "How does that work?' and "Does she boss everyone around?" were some of the questions asked during our discussion. If anyone has any connections to people in the U.K., we would love to ask them questions!!

Our next project will be surrounding biographies. We haven't discussed specific people yet, but this project will integrate social studies, reading, and writing. I am looking forward to some lively discussions about who is biography worthy and why!

Our Biography Showcase will be Tuesday, November 24th from 9:30-10:15. All families are invited to our classroom to learn about some interesting people. Mark it on the calendar!!!!


I have had several questions regarding the student planners. The students fill out their planners on Monday, including Specials, Library days, special/different events, and reading homework. I will also use this a communication device if I need to jot a quick note to you. Please feel free to write me a note in the planner as well. We will occasionally add things to the planner during the week. My expectation is that an adult sees the original plan on Monday or Tuesday night. The adult signs the planner to show me that someone saw and knows the weekly plan. I expect the planner to be going home and coming back to school daily, along with their green take home folder. Students who do not have planners signed will have a consequence. I believe second graders are ready for this responsibility. Beginning next week, the students will be responsible for writing a reflective sentence at the end of each day- something they learned or something they found tricky. If there are still questions, feel free to email or I can call to explain in more detail!

Thank you for reading through the end!

If you write me a note inside your student's planner that you read this update, I will give your student a BEAR PAW for effort, a Lucky Scale for a privilege, and he/she will hear his/her name on the Friday announcements!

Have a great week!

Stephanie Dale