Influences of Food Choices

By:: Lauryn Shields

Physical Needs

Some foods that people need to eat:

1. Meats

2. Vegetables

3. Fruits

Physiological Needs

When i am in a good mood i like to eat lots of foo and sometimes it will be healthy. When i am in a bad mood i still eat the same food as if I'm in a good mood but just more chocolate and sweets.

Personal Food Preference

when I'm eating food i like it to smell good because if it smells bad then i cant eat it. if food has a weird color i probably would still eat it.

Food Availability

during different seasons i like to eat different food that would go with the season like soup in the winter, casseroles in the fall, etc.

Social Settings

at different settings i like to eat different foods like the movies i like to eat popcorn and candy and when at fancy places i like to eat food that is more healthier and formal.

Society and Culture

in my family we eat tamales at Christmas time every year and sometimes your family could alter teir eating habits if your allergic to something.