What Governor Does

More than just activities, important obstacles to face

Serves as student advisor on UNC Board of Governors.

Last year, many campus LGBT and gender equality groups proposed an optional gender neutral housing arrangement for certain students following concerns on the basis of bullying over sexuality. The Board of Directors passed it unanimously, but the Governor's Board vetoed it immediately. In short, student voice has not been a priority.

Helps determine budget for dorm repairs

Let's look at the numbers - $14 million cut to UNC's budget last year. Instead of lobbying for grade-level politics in which community gets money, we need to stretch our limited resources to go where repairs are most needed. This will require a dedicated Governor's board and ability to cooperate.

Don't let the Board see you as just tuition money

We have a chance to make our voice heard in the UNC board of governors as well as planning some great Craige activities. As part of Taylor Bates's platform for Governor, the role of the cabinet will be expanded to give every student a voice and to make sure that your voice is never lost. Vote today - stand up for our student body.