Drones Need Jobs!

What Do They Even Do?

So what ARE drones?

Drones are robots that are are controlled by humans via remotes or controls, although they never have an on-board pilot. Drones come in all shapes and sizes, and are even for sale as toys or filming devices that can record from extreme views. They have other uses, and those are what I'll be explaining.

Jobs For Drones

Drones can fill many jobs, but some are deemed illegal by the government and others just haven't been tried yet. Essentially anybody can use or own a drone, from on duty FBI agents to average children. Now, let's get into the specifics.

1.) Commercial Use: As stated before, almost anyone can use a drone, so why not big companies? Well, some do (or plan to). A popular example of this is Amazon.com's "Amazon Prime Air". Although these specialized delivery drones haven't been released to the public yet, Amazon is getting people ready for their "thirty minute or less delivery". But of course, this is just one example, and many of them aren't big company drones. For example, real estate agent Bill Knapp III uses his drone to take exotic pictures of houses and real estate.

2.) Government Use: Not too surprisingly, the government has picked up on the opportunity to use these sneaky little flying machines for multiple reasons, like making fighter plane missions safe for pilots and spying on US citizens. The first one is probably the more well known one as the government has been using them for many years now, but yes, the FBI does use surveillance drones to spy on american soil. What exactly they're looking for (if anything in particular), little is known about it.

3.) Everyday Life Use: Companies use them, the government uses them, but so can everybody else. In fact, they're even on toy store shelves (which is probably where some commercially used drones come from). Whether it's for shooting an indie movie or just flying it around for fun, drones can be used by children too. Heck, I have a drone at my house! Most drones come with an attached camera, which makes it so useful for capturing those exciting moments.