Liholiho Elementary School

January 25, 2023

Parent Bulletin - January 25, 2023

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I’m excited to be able to send you this first parent bulletin of the year, created through These parent bulletins will allow me to share important reminders, event news, pictures, and more. It will also allow for instant translation to different languages, analytics to see who’s accessing the bulletins, and other interactive features!

Recipients can access the translation feature one of two ways:

1. Click on the black translate button at the top right of the email.

2. Click anywhere on the newsletter in the email to open the online version. Then click on "Translate" in the top right corner (see picture to the right).


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Crossing Guard

At the beginning of this month Mr. Gerald Ah Mai, our crossing guard at the corner of Maunaloa and 8th Avenue, retired. Mr. Ah Mai was a steady presence at that corner for several years, and was recognized by HPD Traffic Division for his brave actions in preventing harm to at least one student crossing that intersection. We wish him the best in his retirement.

The crossing guard position is funded by HPD. If you know of anyone interested in the position, please reach out to me ( for more information. Until the position is filled, please be extra careful when crossing that intersection.


Second Grade

After 35 years of teaching, Ms. Katherine Johnson also transitioned into a well earned retirement. By my calculation she touched the lives of over 1,000 students in that time! All the best to her as she enters this new phase in her life.

Taking over in the second grade is Ms. Maya Yoshiura. We’re fortunate to have Ms. Yoshiura as she comes to us with classroom experience and familiarity with Liholiho School. Please help me to welcome Ms. Yoshiura to our school.



A very big Thank You to all who help make our drop off and pick up times safe and orderly for our students! These times could not run smoothly without your help.

A few reminders:

1. Please do not block any driveways or park illegally in the neighborhood.

2. Traveling in one direction allows for quicker entry and exit. Cars travel Mauka (towards the mountain) on 8th Avenue and Makai (towards the ocean) along 9th Avenue.

3. Please pull over when vehicles need to pass.