Sleep Time

An app that helps you sleep better


Sleep Time is an app that lets you know when to go to sleep in order to wake up at a certain time, and records how well you slept based on your movement. It is made to only wake you up when you are in a state of "light sleep", so you will wake up feeling well rested. The full version of this app will cost $2.99, but a free version is also available. The full version allows you to choose from a wider variety of alarms and sounds to help you fall asleep, and also comes with a fitness plan feature. The fitness feature lets you simply pick from a variety of exercise plans, and will remind you to do it every day. If you decide you don't want to drop three dollars on this app, you will still be able to use every sleep feature this app offers. After using this app twice, I woke up well rested.


  • Easy to use
  • Helps you sleep better/wake up well rested
  • Great app for all ages
  • No personal information required


  • Uses phone battery when recording your sleep
  • Fitness feature only included in full version