Tiger Family Newsletter Feb 1-7

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

Our current Superintendent, Brian Winstead, who has lead our district since 2005, recently notified the EESD board of his intention to resign/retire. I can only imagine the weight on his shoulders over these 15+ years as the person at the helm of this entire school district. We are grateful for his direction, service, and leadership built on the foundation of our mission, "Empowering Every Child, Every Day, to Create a Better World," and we wish him well on his journey to what's next.

What Are You Looking For in the Next Superintendent?

On our district website under "District" then "Superintendent Search" you can find more information and a timeline for the search for our new superintendent. If you would like to give input about the kind of leader you believe our district needs, please click on the blue word "LINK" under the heading Superintendent Search and take this 8 question survey which will be used to guide the recruitment of our new leader. Here is a direct link to the webpage containing the survey link.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

Gym/North Parking Lot

To help our drop-off and pick-up process go as smoothly and safely as possible (and I realize that student drop-off and pick-up is an issue at every school), please help us by remembering the following:

  • At the morning drop-off, please pull forward all the way at least to the crosswalk in front of the preschool. Students exiting their vehicle can safely walk along the sidewalk to the gate. Dropping of by stopping in front of the gate means that there is only room for about 2 or 3 cars behind you and cars get backed up onto the road.
  • At pick-up time, please remember to use the inside lane (the lane closest to the parking spots) to maneuver to the area closest to your child's class line. You can also use this lane to exit after your child/children have loaded into your car.
  • Please be aware that there are two distinct lanes.
  • Never stop your vehicle and load children in the inside lane. This lane is for moving vehicles only.
  • Also, if you leave your vehicle, please make sure you are wearing a face covering.

Thank you for your help.

School Accountability Report Card

Shasta Meadows's SARC has been posted to our website. To view it, click here.

A special thanks to our School Site Council members for taking the time to give their input and approval. Your School Site Council members are: Mr. Aaron Rodrigues, Mr. Todd Woods, Mrs. Karin Long, Mrs. Erin Silva, Ms. Shae Luff, Mrs. Rina Mata, and me.