All About Me

By Ahnaf Raiyan


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Who am I?

My name is Ahnaf Raiyan. People usually call me Raiyan. I am a Canadian. I have recently immigrated to Canada from Bangladesh. I am a boy. I'm 16 years old. I am also a student. I am a 10th grader. I am a foodie and a gamer. I usually go out a lot. I love going to places and hanging out with friends. I love travelling and trekking. I can't bear a day without going out. My aim in life is to be a Financial Chartered Accountant. I wanna accomplish this goal with my hard work and endeavor. I love to eat a lot and play games.

My life line

I was born on 15th August 1999. I don't remember much about my birthday events when I was 1 or 2. But as much as I know I celebrated it with my whole family and relatives along with my grand parents. The most thrilling moment of my life is when I learned to ride a bike and learned to swim. Another interesting moment was when I learned how to drive. But, The most memorable events of my life is the time I went to Bandarban, a natural place at Bangladesh, with my friends, far from my home actually. Another memorable time of my life is the last 31st night I celebrated with my friends. We had a huge bash and it was the best night of my life. There are a lot more undefinable memories that still flash in my mind very often. These compose the most important parts of my life.

My Favourite things.

The most favorite things of my life are Food, Music and Gaming. But especially my friends. I love to eat Pizza alottt. But specially I love buffets. My favorite Music is Billionera by Otillia. I love to listen to this song a lot. I also play games very often. I like Call Of Duty and NFS. Not to forget I like sports too. I like watching soccer but also cricket a lot.

My leadership style

I am not a person who actually leads al the time. But whenever I go on a trip or trekking or visit a place I like to lead the way and have some rules in doing everything. I have to keep my friends organized and safe. I always decide the places to go and the things to do when we go to a place.

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My Influences

My most influential people in my life are my family and my friends. My family has a great impact on my life. My sister has the greatest influence among all of my family members. I have spent the most of my family time with her. MY parents also have a great and important impact in my life. They taught me everything in my life starting from reading to writing. My friends have the more influence on me than my family. My friends Salman, Sameer, Zarif, Alif they made me build up my character, behavior, attitude, lifestyle, taste to fashion, my outlook, atc.

People in my life

A person who has been important to me in my life is my home tutor who used to teach me back home. He was like my friend, not like actually, he behaved totally like my teacher. He was my advisor and well wisher. I used to share everything, all of my activities, life events with him, good or bad, I had a great connection with him. He used to advise me a lot for a successful life and a better life. How to deal with people, boys, girls, everyone. He was a great part of my life. He has changed my attitude, character, behavior, not to forget my educational life too.

Family symbols

Uh, my family, Okay.

My family goes out every Saturday for shopping, to meet the only relatives actually our in laws. My brother and me also sometimes go out to different parties and places. Well, as I am totally new to Canada I haven't gone to much places yet. My family usually goes to visit our relatives a lot. We clean the house together, watch movies together during the weekend, we also have our food together everyday. We spend a good time together. Though sometimes we gave quarrels, we get along.

Personality Test

My Blue Print-Learning Styles : looking, seeing, touching, doing

My Blue Print-Personality : (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
ESTJs are objective, decisive, driven and are comfortable in group settings and working with others. They gather facts, figures and information through their own personal experiences and seek stability and order.

My Blue Print-Interests : The Tactician (CE)

A person who is adept in planning, procedures, or the means for driving a desired end or result.

My Primary Interest Trait Is Conventional

My Secondary Interest Trait Is Enterprising

My Blue Print-Knowledge : Business

Business courses help me develop a deeper understanding of how a business operates. Topics may include: Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

My Second Subject Area Is Physical Education

My Third Subject Area Is Technical & Trades

My Blue Print-Motivations : Independence

I might be given a specific task and a deadline but I'm happy as long as I can set my own schedule, direction and pace. I need the chance to try out my own ideas and won’t shy away from taking responsibility for my own actions.

My Blue Print-Compatibility : Accountant ( CPA )

Top 3 Occupations Matches : Accountant, Physician, Business Analyst

True Colors Handout : 1) Gold 2) Orange

Right Brain or Left Brain-similar minds test : Left Brain Dominant, 54% Left brain dominant, 46% Right Brain dominant.

Holland Code Career Test : Organizer

My Blueprint Knowledge Test was most helpful for me to determine what to do. Because this test tells me that the most suitable place for me to work is in business and thats exactly what I want to do. It reflected the career that I want to pursue. The True colours test was the least helpful, because it does not reflect or help me in pursuing my career or going towards my goal. It does give me to any idea about my future planning. Four of my strengths are looking, analyzing, judging, patience.I look into things before doing something, i see what the condition is and the environment of doing the things. I analyze the place of doing the work and the situation and the method to do the work properly. I judge the matter, and the options before making a decision to do the work. I have patience. I wait for a better opportunity and if there is no opportunity yet i wait for the right time to carry on my work and succeed. Four of my weaknesses are thinking, organizing, hot temper and sensing. I think too fast before doing something, I take less time to think about something. I have difficulties to organize my things in an orderly manner, it takes me a lot of time to organize my things properly. I get angry very quickly at small things before I can understand the matter properly. I cannot sense the problem and dangers that are upcoming in the correct time. I learned that I can adapt to different situations but it takes me time and that surprised me a lot.