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Edinburg High Library Information

Our library is open before school, during school with a signed planner, and an hour after school, 7:30 A.M - 5:00 P.M.

We have a Distance Learning Lab, Collegiate Lab, AR Lab, and Computer Area for students use.

We have several databases students can use for research and will be provided with a list at Library Orientation.

Welcome Back Bobcats!

Parents and students,

The 2014-2015 school year is around the corner and summer reading is coming to an end, but the enjoyment of reading does not have to stop. Accelerated Reader is an important component for freshmen and sophomores. Reading at times is a challenge, but the key is finding books that you enjoy to read.

If you do not know what you like to read, here are some suggestions from professional book lists. If you do not see a book that you want to check out and read, come by the library for more options.

Looking forward to this school year,

The Edinburg High School Library Staff

The Spirit of Texas Reading List

A reading list together by librarians to help high school students find a book to read.

Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List

Is a collection of graphic novels that were selected by a selected committee. Like book with pictures, graphic novels are the books for you!
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Middle School Reads

There is no time like now to start reading! If you did not read much in Middle School here are some books that you missed out on.

Tayshas Reading Lists

A list of middle school books that were selected by a committee. If you were not much of reader in middle school, catch up and read!
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The Spirit of Texas Reading Program for Middle School

Books selected for the middle school reader.
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Where do find copies of these books?

Check out our library catalog and e-book collection.
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Librarian Information: Mrs. Esther Mendoza

Information you need to get hold of the Edinburg High School Librarian.