Seeds of Revolution

Acts of Frustration and Retaliation

The Boston Massacre

On March 8, 1770 some rowdy colonist from Boston got in a fight with the british soilders because of all of the taxes they were making them pay and then the British soilders started shooting and killed five colonist. Then Samual Adams saw a way that more colonist could side with independence and so he told Paul Revere to engrave a picture of what happened. This picture was engraved on newspapers and this picture enraged many colonist.
Revolution in Boston

The Boston Tea Party

All that was left in the Townshend Act is the tax on tea and this made the colonist buy tea from the British. Then in 1773, some colonist were mad because they were not represented in parliament and the tea tax was not repealed. So the group of colonist got on the british ship and dumped 342 chests of tea.They didn't get in trouble because they were dressed up as Indians.
The Boston Tea Party: America the Story of Us