Mahatma Gandhi

by - Zac Watson 6th period


Mahatma Gandhi was a civil rights activist for the freedom of India from British colonials in the 1940s. He lead many protest of civil disobedience through out the country to fight for India's freedom. Gandhi's non violence protest, such as the salt march inspired many other activist like MLK to stand up for what they believe in.
Gandhi's Salt March

Mahatma Gandhi and Civil Disobediance

Gandhi embodies the ideas of Thoreau in "Civil Disobedience" by standing up for what he believes is wrong in the government and fighting for it. When Gandhi was faced with unjust taxes, he was not "content to obey them", he fought against the government with boycotts and marches against the taxes. Gandhi's people were under British colonial rule for decades, but when they began to unjustly tax their people, Gandhi had to step in. Gandhi began to lead helpful boycotts and peaceful protest against the unjust rulings and paved the way for change.