The Fault in Our Stars

By: Bertha Rivera


Hazel Grace is teenage girl who was diagnosed with cancer. Her mom encourages to go to a cancer support where she meets a young guy named Augustus Waters, who supposedly is cancer free. He goes to support their mutual friend Isaac. As the get to know each other Hazel reveals to Augustus her favorite novel, "An Imperial Affliction". She tells him how the story ends mid sentence and how she wonders how the characters ended up. He decides to use his wish to go to Amsterdam to meet the famous author of the story. They travel their and become more in love. When they return from the trip Hazel gets sick and has to go to the ICU, while in there Augustus finds out the cancer returned and spread everywhere and that he has little time left. He dies 8 days later and the author comes to the funeral to make up for his rude behavior. He confesses his book was about his daughter. Isaac tells Hazel that Augustus was planning to write a sequel for her favorite book.
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Character Analysis

  1. Hazel Grace Lancaster: She is a 17 year old who was diagnosed with cancer and is in a support group. She falls in love with Augustus.
  2. Augustus Waters: His cancer comes back and he dies before Hazel. He uses his wish to take Hazel to Amsterdam to meet her favorite Author. He loves Hazel. His bestfriend is Isaac.
  3. Isaac: He is the mutual friend of Hazel and Augustus. He goes blind as a result of his cancer.
  4. Peter Van Houten: Author of " An imperial Affliction". He is very bitter after the death of his daughter.


I give this Book 5 stars.
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