The Tangerine Times

Flyer News Mini Project By:Joshua Kim (>'-')>

Plot Elements

1. Paul moves to Tangerine.

2.Paul meets the Costellos.

3.Paul finds out about the weird weather.

4. A giant sinkhole swallows half of the school, so Paul goes to the tougher public school.

5.Erik and Arthur kill Luis.

6.Erik and Arthur fights Tino.

7.Paul fights Erik's coach.

8.Erik and Arthur are found guilty.

9.Paul tells cops that they murdered Luis.

10.Paul comes to terms with his parents, his brother, his friends, and his own past.


Even though Erik and Paul are brothers they are different by a lot. Paul is a very great soccer player while Erik likes to be kicker in football. Also, Erik is a mean, horrible guy while Paul is a very nice, compassionate guy. Finally, Erik doesn't have glasses while Paul does. In conclusion, I think that Paul and Erik are totally different even though they are brothers.

Shocking News!!!

On Tuesday, September 5, Mike Costello was struck by lightning! Mike was hanging around the goalpost when Bam! Lightning struck him. They sent him to the hospital. He was found dead. Paul's mom then gathers up the parents,coach,and principal of the high school and talks about the lightning. They make a funeral for him and a lot of people were crying for him. Overall, Mike was a guy that could have never fit in the Erik Fisher Football Dream.

MOYA Issues

There are a lot of MOYA issues in the text Tangerine. Let's take a look at some and what they do in Tangerine.

Issue 1: Struggling to Deal With Family Relationships

Cause: Paul's parents thinks he has impairment.

Effect: Paul was not able to get into the soccer program.(does later)

Issue 2: Social Issues

Cause: Paul has those big glasses. O-O

Effect: Many people give him nicknames like "Mars" or "Eclipse Boy".

Issue 3: Not Being Included

Cause: The form makes him unable to play soccer.

Effect: Paul gets really mad.

Tryouts for Major League Soccer!

Specific Guidelines

-Must have own equipment(We won't provide!)

-Must at least have 1 year of soccer training.

-Must be 12+.

-Must be able to be dropped off(We will not carpool)


$50 per month

$600 a year