Night of the Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman


1: Dan Hatch, He is 12 and he is a great big brother.

2: Arthur, He is Dan's best friend and vary smart.

3: Stacey, She is brave and vary nice to little kids.

4: Dan's Mom, She is vary protective and nice and thoughtful.

5: Ryan, He is Dan's baby brother.

6: Dan's Dad, He is strong and he helps people a lot.

7: Mrs. Smiley, She is vary positive and outgoing.

8: Aunt Goldie, She is perky and happy.

9: Grandma and Grandpa Hatch, They are helpful.

Problem and Solution

The first big problem in the book is there was a tornado a Dan's Mom was at Mrs. Smiley's house and so it was only Dan, Arthur, and Ryan, So they were home alone. The solution to that is they went into the basement and in to the bathtub with a blanket and sat throw the tornado. The second problem is Dan got separated from his mom and he could not find her. The solution is he was locking a lot and he finely got to Kmart and his mom was not there she got shipped to another place.


Chapter 2: Dan was at the beach with Arthur, Stacey, Ronnie Vae. They were going to go swimming, But it was to cold so went home instead.

Chapter 3: Dan's Mom is word like a bee and she has bin wording all day. Ryan just got to sleep and he has ben cry all day.

Chapter 4: Arthur stead over and Dan's mom was at work at Ante Goldie's birthday's dress.

Chapter 5: Dan and Arthur were watching TV and the TV said CD...CD...CD and Arthur was freaking out and Dan was trying to calm hem down. Then made hem go down stars.

Chapter 6: The tornado was over and Arthur, Ryan, and Dan was tried to get out of all the damage and then they found Stacey that helped them out.

Chapter 7: They were trying to find Mrs. Smiley and got her out of the basement.

Chapter 8: Dan, Arthur, Stacey, and Ryan were it a cop car and they ran into another tornado and the cop got hit. He could not see so Dan had to drive the car.

Chapter 9: They were at the police station and Dan, Arthur, Stacy, and Ryan had to stay at a female section and they went to bed.

Chapter 10: They woke up and they found Arthur's dad and he hugged them. Dan found his family and Dan, Ryan, Dan's mom and dad were living on the farm with the grandma and grandpa.

Chapter 11: Everybody started to remake the town and everybody had a story to tell. Soon the town was all back to normal.


The setting of the book is Grand Island, Nebraska. Dan lives on the street, Sand Crane Drive. They got hit by a really big tornado and everything got destroyed. The trees were ripped out of the ground and every house on their street was damaged in some way. When they tried to get to Miss Smiley's house it was like they were in a nightmare. It took 20 minutes to walk through all the damage and usually it would only take 2 minutes.