Edmond Doyle News 3-30-2017

March is almost at an end and that means that next week state testing will start for 3rd grade on April 4th. The next week 3rd and 4th will continue testing until April 21st. All of the hard work our students and teachers have been doing will finally be put to the test. Thank you in advance for having your children ready on your end by getting plenty of sleep, healthy food, getting to school on time, completing & reviewing homework, and lots of encouragement. If everyone does their best-the end results will be good. Hard work always pays off and everyone here has done the work required. Now we will see the benefits of their efforts! They will be amazing!

Our first and second graders have been testing this week. They have all really done a great job and tried their best. We have all been very proud of their efforts!

Picture money is due Tuesday, April 4th. After that you will have to order online.

Hat day and sucker day will be this Friday. Bring a dollar to wear a hat and to buy 2 suckers! Thanks PTO for this fun activity!

April 25th-Music Makers rehearsal-8:30-10:00

April 26th-Music Makers rehearsal-8:30-10:00

April 27th-Music Makers performance-S. Arch Auditorium 6:30 p.m.

April 27th-Outdoor Classroom visit for 2nd grade-in the morning

Please get your child to school on time. We hit the ground learning at 8:00. When your child is late-it puts them behind.

Please try to leave your children in school until 3:00. Checking them out early causes disruption and cause them to miss out on learning.

Labor Omnia Vincit is Latin for Labor Conquers All Things. This is Oklahoma's state motto. It is a great motto for our school as well. We believe in hard work, but we also believe in great fun. For the next 3 weeks, we will continue to put in some hard labor, but after we are finished...the rewards of good effort and hard work will pay off in many ways. Keep working -- the rewards are worth it all.