Water Crisis



One of the five ways the government of Texas plans to conserve water is by making a backup water source from the water people doesn’t use or that’s hard to find. They plan to drill deep underground for any small underground cave water. Also so to make sure no one gets into the water so soon they will only drill when a drought is about and is making crops and produce slower (like from 2011). Cooling down the machines that power our house we is tracked on how hard they work. They hope cooling down generators will prevent more heat and making keeping more water. This all goes into taking a guess-a-mate on the forecast and cover needed water sources.

However some people might disagree about this solution because of the generators, I think it is a great idea. The generators already need to be cooled because they are working really hard, but it m might be extra water. And nothing about keeping track of millions of generators in each group (dams, solar, etc.) is boring but it would keep Texas in a much better state (no pun intended). You never know, this may stop Africa from having little water to a lot because if we gathering enough extra water, Texas could give it other states. Then those states would give it to other countries and stop thirst. The outcome could be different then what you would expect.


Dan Hardin stated that people would be paying $116 billion dollars per year during the 2060s So they tried to think of ways to make that not happen because farmers, manufacturers, employees might lose jobs so they can’t have money to supply for their family they found a way to make that not happen and to save water.

I think that they should do that because if they don’t the economey will lose money and people could lose jobs and water will run out, water will last longer people will keep jobs and the economy will keep money I think it was a good idea


Our water supply is slowly dwindling and we need to be prepared. We can find another solution to our water crisis also, my idea is using rain water storing and purifying it. You may know how the HOA has been trying to put limits on the amount of water we use and how we can conserve water and such. But, just recently a law was passed prohibits homeowner associations from outlawing drought-intolerant landscaping, rain collection and composting. They can still set reasonable regulations though. This would do two things for us, it would cut our water bill and give us enough water to save because of how low our water sources are.

This would be cheap and affordable because you can simply collect rain water, purify it and store for later purposes. Another reason why this is good for us is it would cut that lengthy, dreaded water bill down a lot more than it had been because it is your own. Plus, rain water will never run out ever and even if it did it wouldn't be anywhere near now, maybe in a couple billion years from now. Not only could we, as citizens of Texas use this method but our entire population could because it rains practically anywhere. Then, you wouldn't have to take trips to get water you could just stay where you are.

The U.S. and Texas are in a Water Crisis, meaning our water is slowly running out. As citizens of Texas we are doing all that we can do to prevent it. The HOA and cities are putting limits on water usage, some people are using the process of Desalinization, while others are collecting rain water.

My group and I believe that the best solution would be collecting the rain water. Sure Desalinization could be a solution but most certainly not the best, saying how the Coastal Plains only have the closest source of water but still that is too far away. Now if we used the process of having buckets in our yards or somewhere near that can be transported to a Big Bucket connected to the piping in your house, it would work. We believe that this is the best solution because rain will never run out and it is already mostly clean. It also would cost way less because it would need very less purification so it would be drinkable.

This would be the most cost efficient because Desalinization takes the effort to get water out of the ocean, transport it, purify it (take all the salt out). Whereas with our solution you would just have to collect the water, boil it, send it to a simple device called the "first flush converter", test it, store it in a big bucket in the back if you house with pipes made out of stainless steel connecting to your hose water systems. It also would help sole the problem of the unemployed because they could be trained and do the job. So our solution is very affordable, it works, sure it'd take some time but it works.

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