Third of July Party

Worms' and Mole's Annual Celebration of Freedom

America is awesome so we celebrate the greatest country in the world with hot dogs, beer, and Chinese fireworks.

Equal parts freedom, encased meats, small-arms explosives, and Scott Baio combine to make this the best block party/prison riot in all of Mission Park. This year will feature things never seen before (or at all) like a Van Halen cover band comprised entirely of soccer moms called "Minivan Halen," seven of the world's nine tallest rodeo clowns, and an actual piece of the Berlin Wall (replica).

The Third of July Party

Tuesday, Jul 3rd, 5:30pm

6526 S 172nd Ave

Omaha, NE

We will have hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks, and beer. If your Dungeons and Dragons character name starts with A-M bring a side dish, N-Z bring a dessert. We will have some chairs but most of them are deathtraps so you should bring chairs or concrete blocks to sit on.

Second Annual Best Barbecue in the World Contest

The inaugural barbecue contest was a success last year (meaning people brought us fantastic smoked meats to eat and it didn't cost us nothin') so we are running it back. Similar to last year, there will be two categories:

1. Ribs. Any kind. Beef, pork, alpaca, Loch Ness, doesn't matter.

2. Everything else. If it is smoked meat and it ain't ribs, its eligible. Be creative.

The judging criteria is as follows: it tastes good. That's it. Our completely unqualified amateur judges will base their rankings on nothing more than how the meat tastes in their mouth. Best wins. Yes, prizes.

Whats with this fancy invite crap?

Is that a bike in an alley? Are we in France?

And where is the gaudy red, white and blue?

Jessica did this didn't she.

Whatever happened to the old flyer with crappy clip art?

This party thinks its too good.