Scavenger Hunt

Gabriela Villa, Paxstyn Spaulding, Shreya Sreenivas

Carbon Cycle

The pictures represents the carbon cycle by showing someone breathing, by taking a picture of a trash can representing waste.

Food Chain

The producen is the grass, the 1st consumer is eating the grass, the 2nd consumer is eating the 1st consumer, and 3rd consumer is eating te 2nd consumer.

Biotic vs. Antibiotic

Predator & prey

The person is eating the starburst, making the person the predator and the starburst the prey.


The two friends benefit from their friendship, making it mutualism


By tying the person's shoe, it shows how one is getting benefit and the other one is neither benefited or harmed.


The girl getting punched is not be fitting, yet the person punching feels better after punching.

Autotrophs vs. Heterotrophs