Form of Government where supreme power is lead by a monarch, kingship.

Absolute Monarchy

In an absolute monarchy, the monarch has absolute authority over everyone in the government. He has advisers that assist in decision making but they don't make any big decisions. This form of government isn't very common because it can turn into a dictatorship very easily and they think it gives too much power in ones hands

Limited Monarchy

In a limited monarchy the monarchs power is limited by the country's constitution and other laws. More power may be given to elected representatives or a prime minister. The monarch participates in the running of the country but they might have ceremonial powers or act with the approval by the prime minister.


  • Gets the job done efficiently.
  • Can make decisions fast because he doesn't have to pass it in a congress or another branch.
  • Provides stability, continuity and national focus.


  • King or queen has all of the political and governmental power and sometimes they don't always make the best decisions for the country
  • Can easily turn into a dictatorship
  • They only govern according to the constitutional rules