Milton Snavley Hershey

Our inventor project

Milton Hershey Fun Facts:

* On May 25, 1898, Hershey married Catherine "Kitty" Sweeney.

* Mr. and Mrs. Hershey were supposed to travel on the Titanic, but Kitty got really sick and they had to cancel their reservations.

* When he was little his family moved around a lot. He only completed fourth grade.

* During the Great Depression, Milton built buildings for business around the chocolate factory so people who needed a job could get one.

* He was the first person in Lancaster to buy an automobile. $2,000 was the price.

* Milton Hershey's mansion now serves as the headquarters for Hershey Foods


*He and his wife loved children so much that they made a school for boys whose parents couldn't take care of them, or if they didn't have parents. Today, the school is for boys and girls and has grown very much.

Hershey's Life

We researched Milton Snavely Hershey. He was born in 1857 and died in 1945. He was born to Fanny and Henry Hershey. He was born in Derry Town, Pennyslvania. He invented the chocolate bar when he was a pre-teen and the chocolate bar has gone VIRAL!!!!!!!!!! He died from pneumonia in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Milton's Candy...

  • He invented the chocolate bar.
  • He invented caramel.
  • He invented candy corn.
  • He invented hot tamales.
  • He invented the Milky Way.