September 29, 2022

Wildcat Adventures

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Celebrating our Habit Heroes

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DATES: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

12:30 pm - 7:30pm

Thursday, November 3, 2022

3:45pm - 7:30pm

To select a time slot for your conference, click on the link and follow the prompts:

Once you have registered with, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to schedule your student conference day and time. You are able to schedule with classroom and encore teachers as well as our certified staff.

Due to the large number of conferences, we are requesting that parents, whose children live in more than one household, work together to schedule one conference time for your child. If additional conferences are needed, we would wait until all families have had a chance to schedule at least one conference before assigning a second one.

It is important for parents/guardians to stay in touch with their child's teachers. Conferences give you the opportunity to meet and ask questions.

If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Steffen at 715-261-0205


Nutrition Services Update


Students who qualified for Free or Reduced meals from the previous school year

( 2021-2022) based on an income application, should check to be sure that their parent/guardian has completed a new meal application for the current school year. The 30 day carry over period or “roll-over” for meal eligibility is set to expire on Oct 13, 2022. After that date, any student(s) who is currently receiving FREE OR REDUCED meals based on an income application from LAST SCHOOL YEAR, will become full pay if no current meal application is approved and on file. See Paypams ( to complete an online meal application to see if you qualify for FREE or REDUCED Meals.

Negative Meal Accounts

  • School Messenger messages will be sent out to all households to let you know if your child’s meal account balance is negative. Please send money with your child in a prepayment envelope that includes your child’s name. This envelope can be given to the kitchen staff at your child’s school. Parents may visit to create an online account for your child where you can add money to their meal account using a credit card as well as view purchases made.

  • Middle School and High School: Ala carte privileges are suspended once the meal account goes negative, a reimbursable meal only may be charged on a negative account,until the account reaches a negative $20.00; at which time the student will need to bring a cold lunch meal from home until the negative balance is corrected or cash is brought in to pay for the hot lunch meal that day. No student eligible for a free or reduced meal may be denied a lunch, even if the student has a negative account balance greater than negative $20.

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Music News

Please join me in thanking our music teacher, Mr. Roseman for his service to Stettin and Rib Mountain this past month. His last day in this role will be Friday, October 7th.

Best of luck on your next adventures, Mr. Roseman!

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Trunkers Needed!

Individuals, families, and businesses are all welcome to participate! Decorate your trunk and pass out a treat. Feel free to dress up and enjoy the excitement of our school community. The arrival time/set-up for vehicles is 4:30-4:45. The event starts at 5pm.

Trunker Sign-Up

Your PTO Needs You

We have many exciting things to look forward to and could use your help to make them a success. Please click on the links below to volunteer:

Trunk or Treat:

Popcorn Days:

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals:

Scholastic Book Fair:

Minutes from 9/20/22 PTO Meeting

I. Call to order 6:33pm

-Sign in and welcome! Kelly Halvorsen, Jenell Bushong, Tiffany Tesch, Zhi Lin Lu (Lulu), Katie Spangler, Kerri Drescher, Carolyn Brenner, Paula Moore, Cari Wenninger, Lisa Zastrow, Heidi Dehnel, Kay Koszarek

II. Leaders report

-Jenell met with Julie Bollmann, WSD Learning Coordinator. There is a nation wide trend of PTO declining. Wanted to praise our Stettin PTO volunteers this past year for sticking with it!

III. New current business

A. Co presidency vacancy

- Due to our current co-president moving out of the area, we have a Co-President position available. Anyone who is interested is asked to contact one of our PTO officers or join us at the October meeting.

-There was one nomination presented at this meeting.

-We will vote to fill this position on October 18, 2022.

B. Fundraiser ideas

-Raised $7 at open house.

-We discussed a number of fundraising options tonight. Stettin hasn’t had a fundraiser in 3 years. Because we had a healthy budget, we have still able to sustain everything that was needed. This year fundraising will be necessary to meet our 22-23 budget.

-Pancake Breakfast is good idea but several leadership roles will need to be filled in order to make successfully run this event. We will create a flyer and advertise in the newsletter to determine if there is anyone interested in taking on leadership roles.

- We discussed potentially modifying the Pancake Breakfast to something more simple (donuts?)

-Also discussed were possible impacts to the profit, as in years past all food was donated by a Stettin family.

Other Fundraiser Ideas: Spring flower sale, chili supper, Father daughter - mother son dance, Coupon book, Food Sales, Movie Theater Saturday

C. Fall event

-Trunk or Treat will be October 21st from 5 to 6. Will be coordinated by Lisa and Tiffany.

-Gift card awarded to best decorative car. Kay will look into a possible business to donate.

D. Book fair

-Carolyn will lead the fair.


-October 17-19. Need librarian here, will confirm these dates.

-Re thinking hours, more parents to shop before school. Some staff were concerned about before school shopping. May add an extra volunteer to smooth things out.

E. Popcorn Fridays

- will start up October 14 and will be 2nd Friday of every month.

F. G2M

-Will PTO pay for snacks? No grant this year. Kelly H will reach out to get an estimate of the cost and the preferred purchase method.

G. Spirit wear update

-current sales is roughly $2,300 and PTO will receive 20% of profits.

-will combine popcorn Friday and school spirit days to encourage spirit wear.

H. Parent Teacher conferences

-Oct 26 from 1230-730 and Nov 3 from 345 to 730.

-Lisa will create a Sign Up Geniius to include a Taco Bar for 10/26 and Soup and Salad Bar for 11/3.

-Approximately 25 teachers

I. Child watch for meetings

-Currently In budget $15 a person. Good idea to have at all meetings.

IV. Financial report

-Switch Janna off check signing. Jenell will sign instead instead of Janna.

-Made a small amount of interest throughout the summer.

V. Principal report

-Referendum Update: The 6 classrooms will be added (3 on each side of hallway.) with construction beginning in the middle of October. The work will be completed by mid-August. This will provide us with space relief as we begin the 23-24 school year.

-Please join us for "A Sweet Start at Stettin" Family Bfreakfast which will be held Oct 5 and Oct 6 from 745 to 830. In addition to breakfast, there will be student displays highlighting the 7 Habits.

- Mrs. Halvorsen asked for the PTO to consider a playground improvement project. As we continue to grow our enrollment, our students would benefit from additional play structures on our property. When we expand our school facility this year, our playground space will be impacted and we have the potential to make some changes to the area below the hill. Playground structures are not included in the current referendum project and are a significant cost, which the school budget can not afford alone. Mrs. Halvorsen asked if members of the PTO thought families may be interested in focusing our fundraising efforts toward these improvements. There is interest in learning more, including estimated costs and possible project scope. A district playground representative will be invited to our next meeting to help us learn more.

-Family directory will close October 1. Final notice in newsletter. Katie will compile via google sheets.

-Kindergarten and 3rd grade are currently capped. Stettin is looking to hire 1 Paraprofessional to work 6 hours a day in K and 2 Paraprofessionals working 3 hours a day in 3rd grade.

VI. Staff report

VII. Comments for items not on agenda

VIII. Announcements and upcoming events

IX. Adjourn 744pm

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Important Dates

Friday, September 30

Stettin Spirit Day: Wear your Stettin clothing or red and black.

Wednesday and Thursday (October 5 and 6)

"Sweet Start at Stettin" Family Breakfast


Friday, October 7:

School Picture Day

Friday, October 14

Popcorn Day and Stettin School Spirit Day

Grade 4 Field Trip to Farm

Friday, October 21

Family Trunk or Treat Event hosted by PTO 5:00pm

Monday, October 24

1st Grade Field Trip to the School Forest

October 26, 27, 28

No School for students

October 26 (12:30-7:30pm) and November 3 (3:45-7:30pm)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Stettin Family Directory Questionaire- Closing on 10/1/22

Greetings Wildcat Families!

The Stettin Elementary PTO is collecting contact information for the parents or guardians of our students to aid in the creation of an Online Family Directory.

This is completely optional. If you would like access to the online directory please complete the below form for each student you have attending Stettin Elementary School.

Click Here if you would like to be included in the Family Directory.

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you.

What's for breakfast and lunch each day?

Our breakfast and lunch menus can be found on the following link https://wausau. All nutrition information regarding the menus can be found on this link as well.

Lunch and Playground Times

Kindergarten 11:20-12:00

Grade 1 11:30-12:10

Grade 2 11:35-12:15

Grade 3 12:00-12:40

Grade 4 12:05-12:45

Grade 5 12:15-12:55

Do you have questions about the bus?

We are happy to help you when we can at school.

Many times, however, First Student Bus Company is your best first contact.

Phone: 715-842-2268
FAX: 715-845-3155

First Student Yellow School Bus Application

Click here to register/apply for bus transportation.

Stettin Elementary Family Handbook

Click here to access our 22-23 Family Handbook.

Our 2022-2023 Stettin Staff


Shelby Coffey

Kelly Meeks

Grade 1

Kristie Butler

Taylor Prososki

Haley Ramcheck

Grade 2

Ashley Langbecker

Lindy Phelps

Sydney Schmutzer

Grade 3

Ashley Hodell

Timille Johnson

Grade 4

Kelly Brandt

Thomas Dziadosz

Grade 5

Taylor Schlinkmann

Mark Sepnafski

Special Education

Amanda Jacobson

Jill Kleman

Speech and Language

Meghan Oselka

Occupational Therapist

Andrea Bushman

Adaptive PE Teacher

Travis Brown


Kara Lee

Gifted and Talented Learning Resource Teacher

Cheryl Borta



Chelsey Gilbert


Jeanette Ryan


Jacob Roseman

Physical Education

Vickie Christianson

Library Media Specialist

Julie Gaskey

Pupil Services

School Counselor

Kaylee Overbeck

School Social Worker

Cristin Czerwonka

School Psychologist

Hallie Beal

Health Aide

Krista Dallman

School Nurse

Sydney Nielsen

Nutrition Services

Tammy Wipperfurth

Erin Niewolny


Susan Ristow

Katie Zingler, Brian Schultz

Administrative Assistant

Mary Steffen


Kelly Halvorsen


Jenny Schneider, Isabella Her, Tavon Wiltzius, Xang Lee, Matt Pijan, Michelle Bradshaw, Tammy Horne

The Wausau School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability (“Protected Classes”).