MPA and You

How to earn a Superior

Music Performance Adjudication

Thursday, Mar 14th, 8am-4pm

Wake Forest University

Tone/Vocal Production

Beauty: Does it sound good? Is it pleasant to listen to?
Control: Are you singing with a purpose? Are you thinking about the process of creating sound?
Blend: Does the group sound like ONE voice?
Balance: Are all voice parts heard equally? Is there one part dominating the rest of the choir?


Melodic: Is your vocal line in tune?
Harmonic: Are each of the chords in tune? Are you in tune with other voice parts?


Clarity of Text: Can the audience understand the text?
Pronunciation: No matter the language, are the words pronounced correctly?
Vowel Purity: Are we committing fully to each vowel? Are we singing true vowels? Is an "a" an "ah" or and "uh"?
Vowel Placement/Focus: Is there space in each vowel? Are you mouths open? (Kolin Andrews.....????) Did you inhale on an "ah"?
Vowel Consistency: Do all "ah's" sound the same? How about "oo's"? Is this the case throughout the group and from piece to piece?
Clarity of Consonants: Are the consonants crisp and clear? Are they together? Are they precise?


Note Accuracy: Are we singing the correct notes?
Rhythmic Accuracy: Are we singing correct rhythms?
Phrasing: Does each phrase have a direction? Is there a clear beginning, middle and end to each phrase? How about the piece as a whole?
Breath Support/Control: Are you taking low breaths? Do you feel the expansion around the middle of your body? Do you create an open throat and space in the mouth with each breath?
Body Alignment: Are your shoulders back and down? Are your hands relaxed by your side? Are your feet planted, shoulder-width apart with equal weight distribution?

Interpretation/Overall Effect

Concept of Style: Do we approach each piece with its own unique style?
Expression/Artistry: Do we sing with expressive faces? Do we look engaged in our performances?
Dynamics: Is there attention to the composer's dynamic decisions? Are there appropriate dynamic contrasts?
Tempi: Falls on the conductor. Are you watching?
Feeling of Ensemble: Are we working together? Are we ALL focused on our performance or are we letting our minds wander?
Stage Deportment: Are we conducting ourselves in a manner that Mrs. Peterson would be proud of? Are we representing ourselves well? This includes time we are not on stage as well.
Appearance: Do we look good? Are all of our uniforms in good condition? Do we look put together?
Choice of Repertoire: I hope I did a good job because there is nothing we can do about it now! ;)