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Home and School Connection - December 20, 2019

Dear Divine Providence School Families,

During this Advent season we have been praying and preparing our hearts for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. We have amplified kindness and generosity is many ways throughout the school.

On behalf of faculty and staff of Divine Providence School we wish you a blessed Christmas and a joyous new year!

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School resumes on January 6, 2020.

Happy Birthday Fr. Marcin!

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las Posadas 2019

6th grade traveled to Egypt!

On Wednesday, December 11th, 6th grade traveled to Egypt and an ancient mummy’s tomb to use hieroglyphics to solve their way through a set of escape room clues. Their mission, to unlock an ancient Egyptian box. They were given 60 minutes to unlock the box and escape the tomb of the mummy. The winning team included Kennedy, Eleanor, and Josie. And today, they used their knowledge of hieroglyphics to write a secret message to a friend.

Field Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry

Students participated in the Colorful Chemistry Lab at the Museum of Science and Industry. Our DP scientists made observations and actively participated in hands-on chemistry experiments to produce visible evidence of chemical reactions. The scientists shared their thoughts, ideas, and questions with their peers. It was quite a magical experience.
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School Uniforms

Our Christmas Break is a great time to look over your child's uniform. They grow so fast over the course of a school year that pants or skirts may be too short or need repair. Please check their school shoes. Makes sure they are not starting to rip or need to be cleaned. Boots of any kind are not a school shoe, although they can be worn to and from school. Students must change their shoes during the day. *** Please do not buy any shoes that light up!

While school may not be on your child's mind, please make sure that they keep their hair their own natural color. There are options for color that can wash out, but must be their natural color by January 6th! Remember that boys hair may not touch the back of their collar of their school shirt.

Please click here for more information on our school uniform. (starts on page 19)

Do you receive texts from DP School?

If your answer is "no" please see this important page to start receiving them!

Tech Talk Tuesday

Weekly article how you can help your child in the digital age. 2019 Tech-Free Gift Guide

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Tax Credit Scholarship Donations

This year, we had several students that have been able to attend Divine Providence School because they received a Tax Credit Scholarship. If you are unfamiliar with this Scholarship, this is a program through the State of Illinois where anyone can make a donation, hopefully designating Divine Providence School, and they will receive 75% of their donation as an Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship. Applying for this Scholarship will start next month.

Even more exciting is that right now, donors can see their donation GROW! A fantastic program through the Archdiocese of Chicago allows a person to give their donation (again, hopefully designated to Divine Providence School) and it will be matched 2 to 1 (donations must be made through the eSGO- Empower Illinois)! For example, if a generous person were to donate $1000 dollars, they would received a $750 credit from their Illinois State Taxes and the donation would match 2:1, making it total $3000!

Please Donate to Tax Credit Scholarships
Divine Infant Jesus & Divine Providence Parish Bulletin

Please click here to view the Parish bulletin

School Advisory Board

Divine Providence School is starting the process to initiate a School Advisory Board. The school is strengthened through the working partnership between the leadership of the school, the parish and its stakeholders. By its nature, the board is advisory and therefore is commissioned to offer suggestions and advice regarding the vitality and continued success of the school. The board is a typically a three year commitment. Through this process we are looking for a variety of people to serve on the board! This includes school parent, parishioners and community members. If you would like to be considered for the board, please fill in the application. Applications will be reviewed before Thanksgiving, interviews will take place in December and the first meeting will take place in January.

What about the weather?

We have all felt the start of Fall this week. As the weather gets cooler, it makes us start thinking about what is ahead of us. How cold will this winter be and how much snow might we get? I don't think anyone can give us this answer, so instead we prepare just in case it is bitter cold or we can't get out of the house, much less make it safe to school, due to the snow and cold.

Typically, you would get notified about students not coming to school through several different forms of communication- email, text message and phone call. While we try to give as much notice as possible if we think the school will be closed, it can come as late as one hour before school starts. ***Just because students do not report to school, doesn't mean they don't have work to do! Per an earlier newsletter, we have introduced "Alternative Learning Days". Students will have work either posted online or sent in an email regarding what work needs to be done. This link will take you back to beginning of the school year about "Alternative Learning Days"

Important Upcoming Dates

January 6 - Return to school

January 7 - "Omegaman" Presentation

January 14 - Late Start (9AM)

January 20 - NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Day

January 21 -8th Grade Graduation pictures

January 26 - Catholic Schools Week Begins

February 7 -NO SCHOOL Teacher Inservice

February 11 - Late Start (9AM)

February 17 - NO SCHOOL Presidents' Day

February 22 - First Reconciliation 11:30 Divine Providence Church

February 24 - 8th Grade Graduation retakes

February 26 - Ash Wednesday

CLICK HERE for the most up to date school calendar (Calendar subject to change)

Recognizing DP Staff!

Our staff works so hard to make your child's day positive, educational, and spiritual. I would like to start a form that, when a staff member goes out of their way, we can recognize them. This recognition is called the St. John Baptist de la Salle award. St. John Baptist de La Salle is a Saint that devoted his life to teaching. He trained other people to be teachers. John urged his teachers to treat their students with love and compassion, making time for them and being concerned for their spiritual well-being.

Your recognition can take the form of a private "Good Job" to that staff member or we may post it here in our school newsletter- that is up to you! Anyone at DP can be recognized- teachers, teacher assistants, staff and administration. Thank you for taking the time. This will be available all school year! Click on the form below.

Have a question? Email your child's teacher!

All teachers now have their proper emails- including our new teachers. Thank you for your patience!