My Super-Fruit

By:Hevan Smith

My Superfruit

Mrs. Super BanApplePin

-Apples: Healthiest food any person could eat.... High in fiber , vitamin c , low in calories , no fat or cholesterol.

-Banana: High in potassium , fiber , magnesium , vitamin c & B6. Has antioxidants that provide protection from free radicals. Can help with heart health , depression and mood , digestion and even weight loss.

-Pineapple: High in vitamin c , magnesium , thiamin and vitamin b(involved in energy production . Helps immune system support , bone strength, eye health , digestion , anti inflammatory , blood clot reduction , cold & sincus inflammation.

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Super Powers

My superfruit is called Mrs. BanApplePin she has the power of X-ray vision because all of these have good vision benefits. My superfruit also has the ability to help keep you unsick and can provide you with a shield that protects you from sunlight. It can also help you become strong and have big bones , just like my superfruit does. It also provides a energy boost
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