Buddy Bench Info!!!


BPS Friends-

They are here!!!

The Buddy Bench was designed for a specific purpose and a specific way to be used.​

Below is the link to a short power point we would like all staff to view before the 19th so you can have an understanding how the Buddy Bench system should work.

  • First and Second grade students will receive instructions on how the Bench works at their Olympic Ceremony next week.
  • After Olympic ceremony please show your class the Buddy Bench video. It will be located on the Q drive-PBiS-Buddy Bench.

K-your bench is coming soon. Your students will be introduced to the Bench at an Olympic ceremony. Please share with your class it the video too.

If you need to use the video more than once feel free to do so!

Also, if you have questions and would like more information for yourself or parents feel free to refer to buddybench.org.