Weekly Coaching Focus Areas: 1/4-1/8

Observing with Data in Hand

One of the priorities that I want us to fulfill as coaches this semester is to observe with data in hand/hard copy in each observation. This will help to sharpen your eye as a coach to become more data driven as well as support you in developing your teachers' development of executing and planning in a data-driven way.

What does data in hand mean?
Entering a classroom with some form of data wall (STEP wall, Cumulative assessment data wall, NWEA quartile wall, etc.)

For this week and next week, you should/could use the prework that you each completed for data days since it already provides information about where students are falling within the cohort.

In the Moment Coaching

This is a priority that I want us to have in also creating a tighter feedback loop with teachers so that they grow better faster.

For this week, you can focus your in-the-moment coaching on "Do It Again" opportunities for teachers.

However, remember that in the moment coaching is just as effective and should be used to coach teachers academically/content-wise in the moment.

Capturing Video

Capture video - quick snippets or longer lessons - of teachers when you're observing. Use this as game film for yourself to watch so that you build your skill in coaching teachers while also identifying their greatest gap area.

Great work these past three days of grinding out to make this semester the best one yet! Love you all!