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Classroom Housekeeping

Field Trips-State House in Trenton 4/1/2016

Our first field trip is scheduled! Students took home permission slips last week. They are due along with $8 for the bus by March 18. This is normally a fourth grade field trip, but the curriculum has shifted down to third, so we are the lucky class to be the first 3rd graders to visit! What a great tradition we'll be starting!

Since we will be going right after break we want to get chaperones confirmed ASAP. In the event that many parents volunteer, I will pick names out of a hat and make every effort to have everyone that volunteers join us at least once this year.

Field Trips-Greenfield Hall4/7/2016

This is a free, walking trip. Permission slips will be sent home soon!

Character Traits HW

This week your child's RAH log will look a bit different. We are learning about character traits in class. Instead of writing the traditional I Sentence, I've asked students to describe a character from their book and include the evidence from that character's actions, thoughts, and words.

Some important upcoming dates:

3/8 BOE Bond Referendum Vote: EH Art Room-See Information Below

3/8 Salad Bar Lunch

3/10 2nd Grade Field Trip: Philadelphia Art Museum

3/10 School Store 11:50 AM – 12:40 PM

3/15 4th Grade Trip: NJ State House and Museum

3/16 Talent Show Technical Rehearsal, 5PM HMHS

3/17 Community Meeting, 145 PM

3/17 Talent Show Dress Rehearsal, 6PM HMHS

3/18 EH Talent Show, 7 PM, HMHS

3/21-3/27 Spring Break

3/28 School Resumes

3/28 Report Cards Available in Genesis, Grades 1-5, 330 PM

All School Read

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Read Across America

By Margo & Ainsley

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday DR. Seuss Happy Birthday to you.

This week was Dr.Seuss's Birthday and we celebrated it with our buddies and Dr Seuss books. We read a lot of Dr. Seuss stories , LIke One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish , The cat In The Hat , and Put Me In The Zoo. We found a lot of rhyming words in the story it was like a tongue twister! Our buddies were going to come but first we had to make a cat in the hat hat.

It was really fun to make them. To make them first you make the shape of the hat on a piece of paper. Then you make however many lines you want and you can color them after you make your lines. Some people did it with all different colors but some people kept it really simple with red and white. Just like the real cat in the hat hat! Then our buddies came down to make their hats. And we helped them do it. The buddies were so excited to see all of us. Everyone had a great time-even the teachers too! The reading and making hats were stations so everyone got a chance to do both stations. It was so fun to see the class covered in hats!


We are starting the All School Read. So grab your book and READ!

We got the chance to read any book for the 115 minutes. It didn't have to be a Dr. Seuss book it could be any book. It was a day to honor Dr. Seuss's birthday by reading and reading his books. We read books like the Sneetches with the starbelly sneetches and the plain belly sneetches. What was cool was that everybody in the whole school was reading. Students, teachers, and staff. It was very quiet!

Now Read Across America week was really fun for everyone. I wonder if you will celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. In honor of his books why don't you read a book for Dr. Seuss?

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

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Reading Workshop

By Matthew & Courtney

Fiction or nonfiction 3S learned all about genres a genre is what type of story it is like if it is and information book or a fake book a nonfiction book is a book that teaches you about a topic a fiction book is a book that is made up with made up characters. A folk tale is a story that teaches a lesson and is passed down from people. Fairy Tales are just not real. An autobiography is a story that you might write about yourself. A biography is a story you write about someone else. We worked hard this week. We hope you learned something new! Have a good day goodbye!

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By Enya, Cleo, and Leo

Disdo? No! I think you need to learn about prefixes, suffixes, and root words.

Let's start with prefixes. A prefix always goes in the beginning of a word. Its purpose is to change the word so it means something different. Like with honest: if you add dis to the word, it will change the word's meaning. dishonest = not honest

Now we'll talk about suffixes. Which are the opposite of prefixes. A suffix always goes at the end of the word. Like with help. If you add ful it makes the word helpful = full of help.

There are also root words AKA the base word. It is different from a prefix and a suffix because it doesn't change! For example: telephone. Phone is the baseword.

So now you know what prefix to add to something. Instead of disdo...it's undo!


By Steven & Alex

Do you like math? Well 3S does so if you want to learn what 3S does in math then this article is for you. And this is about what 3S does in math.

We are going to tell you all of the skills we learned this week in 3S. For example: graphs, number stories, comparing capacity, measuring line segments and also lines that don't start at zero, and that's pretty much it!

We had a math test too. Now we are going to explain what graphs are. There are many kinds of graphs but we are only going to tell you one. Here it is: A line plot! It's a line that goes up and across and you put xs above to show the data of the chart.

Now we are going to talk about number stories. A number story is a story with a problem in it. Like: I buy 5 packs of dog food and I have $100 with me. I spend $40 on the dog food. How much money do I have left? The answer is $60 left. Get it now? Good!

Comparing capacity is when you see what cup has more liquid inside. Now you know how 3S does math!

Wonderful Writing

By Bella & Eleanor

What is your favorite kind of writing? Well, FYI we are writing information books! While we were writing we made sure that our writing made sense, made sure we had elaboration and paragraphs. Then we started rewriting and publishing to perfection. Then everyone had a chance to read and record their introductions on Chatterpix. Chatterpix is an app that you can take a picture and make it talk. Click below for a link to our introductions.

After everyone finished we had a writing celebration on Friday. All the parents came in and had a chance to read our books! A couple days later Ms. Salazar taught us how to make a website. It was super fun! In the website we typed our books onto pages. Most of us didn't finish but we can finish later. Some of us were lucky because if we typed our book to publish we could just copy and paste our writing onto the website!

You have learned all we have going so write your own information book just like we did! Most of us all, remember to have fun!

Wix Websites

Use our class email & password to log on!

Silly Science

By Luke, Jason, and Elise

"Come on!" you scream at your science partner. They answer, "I'm coming!" You are anxious to do the heat test...

You will learn all about the Science that 3S did. Let's jump right in! First, we had to figure out our Mystery Mixture. Different groups got different mixtures. You could get A, B, or C. We also did a heat test where we used a candle to heat up our unknowns. To figure out our Mystery Mixtures we needed to do any test that made sense. We also made observations and charts. They look like the picture below. They had all of our results on them and we used them to help us with our Mystery Mixtures. You have learned about what 3S did in Science. So hopefully you can do a test yourself!