Wall Hanging Project


  • You will construct a ceramic piece that hangs on the wall
It may be purely decorative, such as a raised plaque, or it can be functional, such as a pot or bowl for flowers.
  • You must incorporate into the construction, a sturdy method of fastening your piece to the wall that is mostly concealed from the front.
  • Your construction methods are up to you – You may build your piece by using hand built components or use a wheel thrown piece that can be altered.
  • You may carve or stamp the surface of your project to create a different surface texture.
  • Non-ceramic materials, such as rope, macramé, or wire may be incorporated into the piece.

Theme: Celebration

  • Think about some moments in your life that you might celebrate. The event or moment can effect you directly such as a birthday.
  • However these moments do not have to effect you directly, such as grandparents 40th wedding anniversary.
  • The idea is to find something that is
important to you that you want
to represent.

Things to Think about

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Will it be Functional or Decorative?

More Examples