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Beliefs And Sacred Text

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world that still exists today. Jewish history, beliefs, and traditions were recorded in the Hebrew Bible beginning as early as the 8th century BCE. The Jewish believed that there is only one God. Their sacred text, the Hebrew Bible, teaches several doctrines such as those about God, the Messiah, human beings, and the universe making beliefs very important to Jews. Judaism has no official creed, however. Judaism shares some beliefs with other world religions, like Monotheism with Christianity and Islam.

Beliefs And Sacred Text

In Judaism, ultimate reality is a single all powerful God. This is the belief that made Jews unique among other ancient Semitic people. In Judaism Messiah is their heroic figure, who is the anointed one of God as told in the Hebrew Bible.

Jewish sacred texts don’t have much to say about what happens after death.

Every week religious Jews observe the Sabbath, a Jewish holy day. Sabbath day is a day of rest. Sabbath begins on Friday at nightfall and runs until an hour after sunset on saturday. On sabbath many jews attend synagogue services. The idea of a day of rest comes from the bible story of the creation. God rested from the creation of the universe on the seventh day of the first week, that is why Jews rest from work on the Sabbath.

The Jewish descendants read what is known as the Talmud. It was written in the 2nd and 5th century CE. The Talmud is known as the “Oral Torah” is some parts. In others, it is known as the “Written Torah”

The Midrash- A large body of rabbinic material obtained primarily during sermons.

In the Jewish religion they don't judge how much you know about the religion or the Tanakh, For them it’s about your actions because in their eyes your actions are the important thing not the knowledge. Jewish people believe that there is only one god and there are no other gods, and jews should only worship that one god. They also believe that god always existed and will always exist. To them god is everywhere, all the time, he is neither male nor female because he has no body, god is just but god is also merciful, and god is above and beyond all earthly things. The Jews developed new ideas about god they developed that there is only one god and that god chooses to behave both just and fair.