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Capital, Relative Location, Climate Type, Population, Religion, Main Language, Type of Government, Major Exports

The capital of Suriname is Paramibo, Suriname is in between Guiana and French Guyana, it has a tropical climate, it's total population is 573,311 and it's 171st out of the entire world, it's main religion is Hinduism, the main language is Dutch, it has a constitutional democracy, and 2 of it's major exports are crude oil and gold.

The flag, Cultural dress, Favorite pastimes

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The traditional music of Suriname is called kaseko. Kaseko music was carried over by the Dutch when they came to Suriname. It's a fusion of western music, chorales, and jazz.
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Surinamese food is very diverse, it is very different from any other place in South America. When the Dutch came over they brought Indonesian and East Indian laborers over too. That's when the laborers started making traditional food from their home countries.
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