Cardinal Notes

information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 12, No. 20 *** June 17, 2016 *** FINAL EDITION

Monday, June 20 exam schedule

7:35-7:45 a.m.: Period 7

7:45-9:15 a.m.: EXAM 1

9:15 a.m.: Dismissal

9:15-11:00: MAKE-UP EXAMS

11:15 a.m.: Buses

The exam make-up day is by appointment only. Students may make-up an exam if the principal is notified by parent/guardian via telephone by 8 a.m. on the specific exam date. A doctor’s note, court document, or bereavement excuse will be required to make up any exam. Only the principal or his designee may excuse a student from the regular exam date.

Tuesday, June 21 ** Last Day of School

Our final day of school will be a modified Day 1 for teachers and students to bring closure to final exams and the academic year. All lockers must be cleaned out before leaving school on Tuesday.

TS 1: 7:30-7:55 a.m.

TS 2: 7:58-8:23 a.m.

TS 3: 8:26-8:51 a.m.

TS 4: 8:54-9:19 a.m.

TS 5: 9:22-9:47 a.m.

LOCKER TIME: 9:47-10:04 a.m.

TS 6: 10:07-10:32 a.m.

TS 7: 10:35-11:00

Buses: 11:15 a.m.

NEASC follow-up

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC), recently accepted our five-year report and continued Joseph Case High School's accreditation. NEASC's Commission on Public Schools was please to learn of the following at Joseph Case High School:

  • the school's work to increase cross-disciplinary opportunities that increase students' readiness for a 21st century workforce and/or continued education
  • the development and implementation of a professional development plan for all teachers that support the integration of the school's 21st century learning expectations into instruction
  • the provision of opportunities for teachers of non-core areas to have common planning time
  • the provision of the necessary technical support and training to implement the web-based career counseling curriculum
  • the increased allocation of funds to support the library's purchase of books and an automated circulation system
  • the commitment of the school and the principal to the NEASC accreditation process.

My sincere thanks to all the faculty and staff at Joseph Case High School who have helped this high school evolve in the past 10 years.

Case Theatre 2016-2017 to open with 'Addams Family' (snap/snap)

Under the direction of our new drama teacher and Case alumnus Neil Jeronimo, the Case High Theatre Company wil open its 41st season with the new musical The Addams Family. Mr. Jeronimo has posted audition information in front of Room 106 for September try-outs. The Addams Family will be presented October 29 at 2 and 7:30 p.m., and October 30 at 4 p.m. Details announced in the fall about this exciting Halloween event at Joseph Case High School
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Final report cards

Final report cards will be posted electronically to the X2/Aspen portal on Wednesday, June 22. Summer school and credit recovery information will be mailed as well to students who could benefit from these options during the summer months. The portal will remain open until July 8.
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Rensselaer Medal winner

Congratulations to junior Lauren Davidson for recently receiving the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute alumni award. For more than 70 years, this Rensselaer Medal has been awarded to promising secondary school students who have distinguished themselves in science and math. The honor is presented annually to a Case junior who has achieved excellence in upper-level math and science courses.

ARCH, alumna transforms high school gardens

Many thanks to our ARCH program students under the leadership of Carol McConnell for transforming the gardens outside of the principal's window. These gardens were planted in the 1990s after the passing of the high school's principal, David Jardin (the French word for garden).

As well thanks to Case alumna Katrina Lussier for her beautiful work in restoring Krista's Gardens near the band room door. The gardens are named after student Krista Luciano who passed away tragically in her senior year at Case in 2006. The restoration was in honor of the tenth anniversary of her passing.

In appreciation

On behalf of the Case High faculty and staff, my most sincere appreciation to all Case parents who organized, donated and facilitated our two Teacher Appreciation events this week. I am especially grateful for Kim O'Donoghue, Eleanor and Dick Deschenes, and Nancy Furtado for their selflessness this week. We certainly enjoyed being fed and fed and fed. Special thanks to our corporate sponsors as well: the Venus deMilo, Subway Sandwiches, Dunkin' Donuts of Wilbur Ave, and Coca-Cola for their generosity.

In closing

Thank you for all of your support as I bring my 12th year as Joseph Case High School's principal to a close. We are a school that prioritizes student relationships, academics, and forward thinking for the betterment of the 21st century.

I look forward to communicating with you over the summer, especially with gentle reminders about summer reading.

Be safe and stay strong!


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