Texas Revolution Instructions

Are you up for the challenge?

Do you know what it takes to be a leader, to really want something, to do anything to achieve it? Well if you answered no to any of those questions this game is not for you. This game takes skill and motivation and concentration and most importantly focus.You will fight with your troops to defeat the Mexicans or Texans and win all of the Texas territories back.

Pieces on the game

Set up

  • Place troops in designated area
  • Pick which side you are on (Texas vs. Mexico)
  • Place the cards
  • Deal money $500.00
  • place (?) amount of troops in the Factory



place 2 men at the north factory

place 2 men at central texas

place 3 men and 1 cannon at the east factory

place 5 men 2 cannons at west texas

place 5 men 3 cannons at border factory


place 2 men 1 cannon at north-west factory

place 2 men it el paso border

place 6 men 4 cannons at the texas mexico

place 4 men at coast line

place 1 man at south mexico

place 3 men at pacific coast line

place 7 men 5 cannons at the central factory



1. Purchase units with the money that you have

2. Combat move (move units into a territory of the enemy's)

3. Combat (if there is any)

4. Non-combat move (move units into territory you control)

5. Mobilize (place troops you bought at factory areas)

6. Collect income

End Of Turn


Purchase phase

During this phase you purchase units with the amount of money you have. After you purchase, move your units to the side. After phase 6, place units at factory zone.

Combat move phase

Move units into enemy territory. You can do more than one combat

Combat set up

Set all pieces behind the battle strip. Attacking pieces behind the attacking side and defending pieces behind the defending side. Attacker, draw a card answer it in the amount of time based on your troops. If you get it right the defender looses a pieces,(of his/her choice) and then it switches to the other player.

Non-combat move phase

Move units into friendly territory. You can also move more than one unit.

Mobilizing phase

Take the troops that you bought and place them at a factory territory. You can place troops at different factory zone.

Collecting profit