Awesome Aztec Research Poster

By Brandon C, 8/31/15, Core 3

What weapons and tactics did they use in battles, and religious ceremonies?

The Aztec used skull racks to put defeated enemies skulls on after battle.

Scientist found a skull rack Aztecs put their skulls on after they won their battles. The Aztec used this “rack” to put their skulls on when they defeated an enemy in battle. “A rack of dozens of skulls the Aztecs may have created as a grim trophy of their conquests.”

The most popular Aztec weapon was the maquahuitl.

Perhaps the best known ancient Aztec weapon is the maquahuitl (macahuitl).The maquahuitl was said to be able to cut off the head of a horse. “
The maquahuitls were incredibly strong, and the Spanish claimed they could chop the head off a horse with one blow”.

Did the Aztec people really practice human sacrifice?

Did the Aztec people really practice human sacrifices? Yes, they did. Human sacrifice was a very important part of the Aztec religion—as it was for many other societies in the New World Meso-America. “Though the Aztecs likely saw human sacrifice as crucial to their survival, it’s not quite clear how bloodthirsty they actually were.”

Aztec Daily Life

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Moquahiutl Aztec Weapon

(no citation) just a extra picture.
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Aztec Model of at its Tenochtitlan’s highest state

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Aztec Statue

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Gods Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca

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