Painless but Hopeful

By:Chloe N , P-5

There are over 100 people in the United States that can't feel pain. Ashlyn Blocker is 1 in very few who can't feel pain anywhere in her body. Ashlyn was only around 6 months old when they first saw a sign. Her eye was swollen and blood shot. When they took her to the doctor he found a massive corneal abrasion. Ashlyn was sitting there acting as happy as can be. Soon after Ashlyn was sent to a speacilist. Soon after Ashlyn was sent to a speailist. The spealeist told her family that she had a rare disorder that whould cause her never to feel pain.

Aside from the corneal abrasion she has had many injeries. When she was younger she droped a spoon into a pot of boiling water and stuck her down in and got it. It did not hurt her pain wise but it did damage her skin. She also has mulitiple scars on her hands from many burns. She also has serverly damaged her tonunge from nearly biting it off as a baby. She also has damaged her lip and cheek from bitting them as a small child. She has knocked out most of her front teeth and has serverly damaged all of her fingers from smashing them. But through it all she has felt no pain.

As she has gotten older she has learned how to deal with it. She tries to be as careful as possible and tries not to do things that could be damaging or harmful to her body. Her parents also keep a good eye on her to be sure she does not do anything like that. Her mom has started a camp for kids who are painless. The name of the camp is "Camp Painless but Hopeful ". They created the camp for kids who know what it feels like so they can watch out for each other. They all watch out for and protect each other.

She does not want to be like a normal 13 year old girl. She feels like one already she dances around her room and brush her hair. She just has to be really careful but she is perfectly fine with the way things are. She would not chose to be different if she had a choice.

I think Ashlyn is a very brave and kind hearted girl.


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